How To Play ‘Dragon City’ Game Better And Efficiently Than Others 1

How To Play ‘Dragon City’ Game Better And Efficiently Than Others

About The Dragon City Game

Social Point’s Dragon City is one of many Dragon breeding game that is available to download and play. The game allows the player to create more than 100 types of dragons which result in a hybridization of choosing two dragons to breed. This may seem a little bit like a farmers job, but that’s how the game leads onto the other segments in the match.

How To Play ‘Dragon City’ Game Better And Efficiently Than Others 2

The other parts of the game include building habitats distinct for every dragon and raising the off combinations of the animated monsters, and you are even allowed to buy and sell dragon eggs. It almost seems like the main purpose of the game is to breed and raise dragons for showcasing or fulfilling the curiosity in knowing what kind of dragons result in matching individual two types of dragons.

You can engage in battle with fellow players by building an army, but that doesn’t shape up until level 10. It is also important to note that you can only fight three times every six, hours, therefore, each and every dragon matters. The only probable advantage is that the game has no restriction when it comes to the energy bar. It also seems to have the same map layout for every player which is the bit of a shortcoming. We shall now move on to see some generalized guidelines to play the Dragon City game.

Some tips to play the game as efficiently as possible !!!

Breeding of Dragons

There are eight elements for the dragons in the game which allows the player to breed some unique and rare breeds of these animated creatures. This also results in the player moving on to create other interesting novel types of dragons.


Like mentioned before, each dragon type needs a different habitat. These habitats have their ups and downs when playing the game. Some habitats earn the player more coins than the others, and the respective dragons make the right opposite amount of coins.

The higher the Habitat’s earning, the lower the dragon’s making. Therefore to play the game efficiently, it makes sense to breed both varying dragons to find a joint in between so that they can be breed in a typical habitat. You can also go through the chart for each element to decide on which habitat to choose when you breed your dragons and earn coins.

Earning Coins or Golds

To collect coins or Golds, you will have to put each dragon to its respective habitat. Once it has found its habitat, it earns the coins in the rate of per minute. You will have to click on the habitat to collect the coins when the time is up, and the coins are available for access. You can also increase the coins earned by feeding the baby dragons and raising them to adulthood. Use online Dragon City Hack to get Unlimited coins and golds.

To Gain Experience

To gain experience must buy and sell these so called dragon cities to other players. The more you buy and sell the more experience you gain. Please note to keep track of your coin expenditure. Usually, it seems to be just fine as long as you have got some coins in excess.

Buildings Of Importance

The most important buildings that you might need are Breeding Mountain and food farm. Both buildings look after the breeding process of the dragons and to raise the baby dragons after hatching; for feeding purpose. Ultra breeding tree does what breeding mountain does, but in a very rapid manner, it is not necessary to consistently play the game. Dragon Stadium to start collecting gems and to provide and increase strength to dragons. Then we have crystals; these improve the rate at which you earn you coins.

There are four types of temples, each assisting the dragons to reach further levels in the game !!!

Expanding your territory

This becomes a relevant move when there are way too many habitats, and things are getting a little too congested. The first six expansion attempts are free of cost, once you exceed this limit, it will cost you golds and gems. You will also have to make all the obstacles that may be in your ways, such as rocks, trees, and stones.

Feeding the Dragons

To raise your dragons and also to feed them, the player must build farms. Look out for the 30-second dragon bell; this will ensure the player gets enough gold for growing food.

Collecting Gems!

Of course, you can buy gems with real money just like in other games, but there are a few ways to earn the gems without burning a hole in your wallet.

a. Engage in combat; you can fight three times every 6 hours.
b. Every time you reach a new level you earn one gem.
c. You can also depend on a lucky draw sort of system every Mondays; you just have to pick the right prize.
d. You can also take up surveys to earn gems.