7 Things Your Competitor can teach You about Marketing

Any art can be learned with practice and paying attention and when it comes to marketing, the need to figure out which idea will work in expanding your brand is a significant thing to master the art of gathering customer attention.


Learning from your competitor is one of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your work. Your competitor is the greatest teacher you have, from which you can learn how to improve your marketing strategies. So, here are the seven things that your competitor can teach you about marketing.

1. Learning

We all have times when we need to try new things and decide which is best but looking at your competition and learning from them might solve your problem. Your long-standing competitor will have knowledge and experience required to work out the problem you are facing and looking at what strategy or plan he/she is coming up with will assist you in understanding your difficulty in faster and much effective way.

Researching how the competitors are using specific strategy regarding a product will give you a new perspective to solve the same problem that you are having in a different way.

2. Things that don’t work in market

We all feel pleasure when a competitor’s strategy is unsuccessful or he/she fails at providing quality product but you should learn from your competitor’s collapse and use that knowledge when you are facing a similar kind of problem learning about what doesn’t work in market will assist in making your policy better for branding.

In this way you will be in a learning curve where you are keep trying to study from your competition and getting various results. Your competitor might not have the experience of dealing with problems but when you are facing a similar problem you will not make the same mistake because you have seen the result of that bad decision already.

3. Interaction

In marketing, interaction is the number one factor that decides how you can be the best at your work. It is one of the things that help you to beat the competition. All you need to do is to observe how your competitor is interacting with customers and how they are not interacting knowing both sides will help to market your strategy.

This will not only formulate your tactics better but also will improve your relations with clients, assisting in generating better ideas and gaining larger profits.

4. Social Media participation

In marketing, social media is emerging as a major way to make communication with your clients and customers better. There are thousands of social media networks available online which you can use to interact with anyone on the internet. Social media comes with a direct visual impact element. Visual impression is important not only important in online marketing but this comes handy in offline marketing too. You can take an example of car wrap marketing business. This is totally based on visual impression things. Visual impression makes a direct impression on viewers’ mind.

Visual things must be used by every business. Exploring the web and knowing the way your competitor is interacting can facilitate in generating new ideas to interact via social media. Mobile marketing is killing the marketing sector these days. You can target mobile users to take feedback for your products.

ngf.jpg Social Media

From that you can find where your customers are exactly present and this will not only aid you to increase the audience of your product but also assisting you to engage with them efficiently.

5. Hiring a helping hand

If you need help from a different marketing professional to manage your business then there is a chance that your competitor might have taken help from them already. There are thousands of companies you can hire for your social media services.

Hiring dedicated individual staff for managing social media, email campaigns, writing blogs, organizing events, writing customer case studies and updating websites will not only increase the efficiency of work but will also expand your services.

6. Portfolio

Your product’s portfolio is one of the things that will affect the growth of your company in the market. Your competitor’s portfolio might be a way to know the services which are addressable to the market. By looking for the portfolio of your competitors, you can know their existing customers and how you can attract them.


Understanding the mindset of your opposition might be a way to tackling them. By knowing which policy is addressable in market, whether it is adding new products or improving a product that is already there, might be a way to understand the mindset of customers and targeting them for different products accordingly.

7. Reflecting Competitors

In marketing when it comes to assessing where your customers are present, the best approach is mirroring the competitor’s strategy.

By paying attention to their social media policy, i.e. how they present content, how are they using it to support services, what type of content they are presenting to their audience and how they are building their client base; this way you can learn from them and make your decision after thinking about their strategies.

Hence, above given points will surely help you to grow your business and make it better. While the list doesn’t end here and as much as you can learn in a team, the competitors give the best lessons in marketing and facilitating the approaches for a product. Have a fun time doing marketing!