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How to Make Use of AI In Search Advertising?

After the introduction of Google’s RankBrain update, everyone is concerned about devising new strategies to be on top of the new artificial intelligence machine learning algorithm. It is true that artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly going to change the world of SEO, but you can take some steps to ensure that the new update actually works in your favor and helps you with search advertising.

AI and the Future of SEO

It is true that AI is going to be a strong trend in the coming years, and many experts believe that there will be a time when AI will surpass the human brain and at that point, no one knows how AI will shape the world around us. However, it will have a huge impact on SEO with each competitive environment being forced to be examined on its own. Moreover, it will become extremely important for sites to stay niche to lower risk of being misclassified.

The good thing is that the deeper learning methodology may encourage SEO experts to be on their toes. The field is only going to become more technical in the coming weeks and months. SEO experts will have to rely heavily on analytics and big data, which means only top St. Louis internet marketing companies will stay in the competition.

However, there are a few things every internet marketer should try after the advent of RankBrain and AI. Be sure to keep the following points in mind to help utilize AI for search advertising.

Learn to Optimize Your Keywords Intelligently

Using your keywords sensibly has always been important, but now it has become more important than ever after the new Google algorithm update.

To be successful, you need to learn how to gather keywords, group them, and generate exemplars at the same time. It means that now you should start your SEO campaign by gather keyword data.

Luckily, you can find many tools to do that. Some tools help you find grouped keywords related to your main target keyword. Creating exemplars is equally important – it means that your keywords should have a high percentage of representing similar keyword phrases.

You should also bear in mind that now you may not need to create a landing page for different keywords because creating a pillar page with your exemplar keyword will do the job.

Take Advantage of Cluster Analysis and Predictive Analytics

As mentioned already, you just cannot succeed in the world of SEO if you do not pay attention to the big data and use analytics to your advantage. Therefore, it is important to use predictive analytics along with cluster analysis, which allows you to use automation to generate a design that compliments search engines and your users at the same time.

Cluster analysis helps create topic clusters, enabling you to audit your current pages and group them in a more efficient way. This, in turn, will help improve the PR distribution and also make it easier for the search engines to categorize pages as per their topics.

Predictive analytics will help you learn about the peak search demand for different keywords. Many SEO experts have been relying on Google Trends, but it mainly tells you about keyword people have already been using to find what they want. With the use of predictive analytics, you will be in a position to look into the future and determine which keywords are likely to be in demand. In other words, it is all about forecasting that helps you make the necessary changes to your strategy.

Make the Right Use of Customer Reviews

Digital marketers use different forms of data, including image, text, audio, and video files, but it is now extremely important to use reviews that come from real people. These reviews work because they use real language that people also use to find what they need through Google.

However, after the introduction of AI, it is important to have a well-rounded strategy. It means that before focusing on getting customer reviews, you should first have an optimized and complete Google My Business listing. If your business is not visible on Google local, you are not going to get good results through reviews.

Take Advantage of AI-Powered Chatbots

After the introduction of AI, it is a good idea to use one of its main components – the chatbots.

Top brands have already started using it to assist their customers in making sales. The chatbots work because they behave more like a friend and promote active conversation. And another benefit is that they never sleep and offer around-the-clock assistance.

The bottom line is that AI is going to change the world of digital marketing and search engine optimization, and it is important that you start devising new strategies to make this update work in your favor.

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