7 Effective Backlink Building Strategies Every Business Owner Should Use 1

7 Effective Backlink Building Strategies Every Business Owner Should Use

Did you know that as of January 2018, there were 1.3 billion websites on the World Wide Web?

Here’s another interesting statistic. Each day, Google processes 6,586,013,574 search queries.

Which means that search engines have to be extremely efficient in answering the queries that users put forth. And, to find the best-ranking pages that have the most relevant information that users ask for, Google and other search engines use sophisticated link analysis and advanced algorithms.

Links are the channels that search bots use to understand how web pages relate to each other. They also gauge the popularity and value of a webpage by assessing the number of links leading to it. And, like this article on Moz explains, backlink link building services are one of the most potent SEO tools that every business owner must use to bring traffic to the company website.

But, What are Backlinks? And, What is the Backlink Building All About?

When high ranking trustworthy sites carry links that direct users back to your website, that is backlinking. Having a backlink on an authoritative website signals to search bots that the linked page carries relevant information that users will find reliable. That’s because trustworthy sites are only likely to link to other reliable sites while spammy sites link to other spammy pages.

Further, low-grade websites are unlikely to receive links from expert sources.

If you aren’t quite sure how to go about backlink building to establish your website as a reliable and trustworthy source, you can rely on the services of the digital marketing company you’ve hired to take care of it for you.

However, like the experts at the SEO company from Irvine reveal, before you develop a great backlink building strategy, the first step is to create web pages that carry valuable information about what your company is all about.

You must create content that deserves to be ranked by search bots. Begin with a high-quality Homepage where you place an introduction to your company, its products and services. You’ll also want to write and publish blogs along with infographics, research results, case studies, and any other information that readers are likely to find useful and worthy of sharing. Remember, a high-grade website is easy for search engines to find and place on the top pages on their search results where users can find them easily.

Now that you have a great website, let’s choose your backlink building strategies.

1. Backlink Building is a Continuous Process

When you begin creating backlinks, remember that this marketing strategy is a continuous process. Errors on web pages can cause the links to break, or site owners may choose to remove them. Like this feature on Wordstream warns, sometimes, for various reasons, entire websites go offline permanently and the link you placed on them is also lost. Accordingly, you must continuously search for good quality websites where you can publish articles with links that guide the reader back to your website.7 Effective Backlink Building Strategies Every Business Owner Should Use 2

2. Look for Trustworthy Sites

While we’ve already established that you need backlinks from trustworthy websites, it is important to understand why. Know that close to 60% of the pages on the internet are spam. And, when crawling the web, search engines use various algorithms like, for example, the link graph that indicates which ones are the reliable websites. For this reason, it is important that you choose websites that score high on trust charts. A simple method to assess a site is to run it through tools like Majestic.com

3. Choose Sites from Your Business Niche

When backlink building, pick out sites that are relevant to the products and services your company provides. For instance, if you sell gym equipment, you may want links from a website that primarily talks about say, fitness and bodybuilding. That’s because athletes are the kind of audience you’re targeting and who is most likely to be interested in the products you sell. Further, search bots prefer to follow links in the same niches.

4. Pick Out the Right Anchor Texts

Given that search engines use anchor texts to understand what the web page is all about, you absolutely need lots of relevant keywords directing users to your website. The more keywords you have, the better are your chances of getting a higher rank for your website for that anchor text. A good example is simple, “Click here” that is one of the simplest anchor texts that can entice users to click and move to the next page.

5. Add Links to Social Media Pages

Check out this article on Social Media Today that talks about how search engines have a different system of evaluating links shared on social media sites. However, there is no denying that every post that is shared multiple times by users is considered valuable enough for search bots. For this reason, you may want to add social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram among others to your backlink building list of strategies. Of course, you also get various other advantages like building awareness for your brand and creating a relationship with your audience.

6. Add Outbound Links on Your Site

Neil Patel explains in this feature that adding outbound links to the content published on your website is another effective backlink building strategy.

And, this move works in more ways than one. By infusing links to authoritative sources like university and government pages, you tell search engines that your information is up to date, relevant, and useful. You assist your readers more by leading them to helpful information and open up opportunities for other sites to link back to you. And, most important, you gain popularity for your company brand.

Backlink Building Can be a Complicated Process

Gaining backlinks for your business website and getting traffic can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully, you’ll have the services of an expert digital marketing company to assist you. The best backlink building strategy that a smart business owner can use is to assign the task to an efficient internet marketing service and focus on developing the best of products and services available in the market. Ultimately, your success depends on how the end consumer likes your offerings.

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