It Takes 7 Traits to Be a Writer 1

It Takes 7 Traits to Be a Writer

To be a true writer, there are certain traits they must have to be successful. A successful writer can change the world with one simple story or article.

There are many places that successful writers submit articles for. The typical newspapers, magazines, blog posts and some of the most successful writers are now lending their talents to sites that match writers with clients looking for articles to be written. A write my essay website is becoming a natural site for writers to show their skills in various forms outside of typical writing forms. Sites such as these provide highly skilled writers with clients who need work written in a timely manner.

This type of writing job is changing the scope of work available to writers.

To be a successful writer, in whatever form you write for there are seven key things to be proficient in. We will talk about those now.

Conveying a Clear Message

A writer needs to connect their thoughts to their audience using words alone. If they cannot express themselves through written word, they will never be successful. Each piece that is written needs to engage a reader from the very first sentence. Without that, the reader will be lost.


Regardless of the type of writing being done, the piece must be organized. By organizing, we mean it must flow from topic to topic. Leaving a reader confused or lost while reading a piece will leave them unaware of the message being delivered. Ideas must flow throughout the piece and form a wrap up at the end.

Word Choice

Words are keys to writing. The correct words will convey the feelings and emotions that an author is working on delivering to their audience. There are many different ways to say things, so having the words that engage the reader while still getting the writer’s thoughts and feelings out is essential.


Every piece that an author works on has a message that needs to be told. There is a purpose to every piece, and without the correct ideas to tell a message in the writing, the reader will be left feeling lost as they navigate through a piece.

Bring their Thoughts and Feelings to Life

Any piece that an author writes, whether it be fiction, non-fiction, reports, humor or historical information, they must bring their vision to life through the piece. They create an environment for a reader to lose themselves in for the time they are reading the piece.


This is key to any piece, even though it is in written form. Writing needs to be visually appealing. Some writing includes the use of pictures, graphs or maps while others will be only words. Regardless of the structure of the piece, a reader has to be visually connected to a piece. This can be achieved with something as simple as correct word choices and sentence structure. It all makes an impression on a reader.


The writer’s own voice needs to be heard throughout their piece. A writer is transporting a reader into their world, and they need to feel like they are living in the world of the author as they read the piece.

A simple paper or article written by an author can change the way something thinks. The thoughts and opinions could be altered, their day could be changed or they could learn something new, all by reading a piece written by a successful author. Successful authors are not determined by the number of pieces they have written or awards they have won, they are judged by how a reader responds to their work. Just about anyone can be a successful writer if they put time and energy into the work they write.

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