How Can Chatbot Development Be a Turning Point for an E-commerce Website?

People need to have a faster and better shopping experience which is not possible without some innovative applications. In this mechanized world, people don’t have time to do the shopping in person. It consumes a lot of time, which is not possible in one’s busy schedule.

E-commerce is the developing trend for selling and buying all kinds of products. It has become a part of everyone’s life in order to reduce tiredness and to save time. Right from purchasing clothes, ornaments, technical things, grocery items, kitchen appliances and medical utensils to ordering for food and electronic items, E-commerce has become the apt way and a trend among the people nowadays.

Even though E-commerce is at its peak of performance, there are some flaws which need to be amended to have a better experience. Not everyone that who visits one’s business website actually makes the purchase. A study reveals that only 2.95% of people do the transaction or purchase goods out of 100 viewers.

Definitely, this is an unpleasant statistic for those who indulge in digital marketing. It is not possible in digital marketing to convince the people to buy or make a sale for there is no convincer or salesperson’s existence. By making some amendments in E-commerce, we can surely take it to the next level.

The Application of Chatbot in E-commerce

A famous saying is that necessity is the mother of inventions and innovations and the emergence of chatbot in E-commerce becomes an evidence for that. The innovations are possible through the application of chatbot in E-commerce. There is no doubt that using Chatbot in E-commerce will be the notable remark in the history of E-commerce.

A software which is developed to interact with the users, to answer their queries, to inquire about their needs and to manage their requests is called the chatbot. It is made possible that by using the internet one can pretend the human conversation. It may be a voice command or text chat or it can include them both.

Michael Mauldin is the one who coined this term. Artificial intelligence structured in a chatbot enables it to do the human conversation. First of all, one must know the features and knacks of a chatbot. Chatbot has a variety of substitute names such as talk bots, chatterbot, bot, IM bot, interactive agent, or artificial conversation entity. It certainly plays a major role in E-commerce. Without this, it can be said that a business can never grow.

Here are the reasons why is that so:

Helps in Taking a Quick Decision on Purchase

The major thing that a chatbot can do is that it can help the customers to take a decision on their purchase. Most of the people just decide to shop first and later decide on what to shop. They just have a glance at the products here on the website, and if it is approachable and if there is an attractive thing they tend to buy that. If there is nothing to meet their expectation, there is a high chance for a seller to lose them forever.

A chatbot can rectify this because it can engage the shoppers by asking hem a few related and quick questions which can prevent the shoppers from leaving the page. Thus, a chatbot is necessary for both the seller and the shopper. In this way, chatbot amalgamation benefits the E-commerce vendors.

Helps in Instantly Answering to the Customers’ Queries

It is a common human nature to expect an instant reply to their queries in order to clarify their becomes even higher in the case of doing a purchase. They highly demand a reply from the website in order to make procurement. The website which fails to answer or to attend to the customers’ complaints, feedbacks and testimonials will be a failed one for sure. Shoppers tend to abandon that website without having a second thought. This scenario can be changed by chatbot for it has the structural conversational design through which it can answer all the queries of a consumer instantly.

Acts as a Billing Agent

A chatbot can play the role of a billing agent. It is really an unmanageable thing to appoint a human in the billing desk in E-commerce which does not exist physically.  It is time to change the old fashion with more conveniences available. Chatbots are designed in such a way, that it can handle the billing desk with more astuteness, accuracy, and proficiency.

Chatbots can do all the performance in the process of one’s browsing, selection, and of making the payment. It is more flexible and can accompany the customers throughout the process.

Acts as Retailers’ Virtual Assistant

Chatbot will be the retailers’ virtual assistant. In case of cancellation or return of goods and refund which is an aggravating thing to a vendor, chatbot can take over the situation and it can handle it with patience and politeness. It will make both the shoppers and the vendors happy, comfortable and satisfied. By treating the customers in a right way it prevents one from losing them.

The advent of chatbot and its application in the cross-sell and upsell diligence have a growth effect in the respective industries. As a chatbot can respond quickly, it enables the customers to respond to the vendor’s offers, recommendations through push notifications.

In a Nutshell

If one wants to make his or her E-commerce brand successful, to give an exciting shopping experience to the customers, to stand ahead among the crowd of digital marketing, the application of a chatbot is the must thing to be done. The structure and the working format of a chatbot are really beyond one’s imagination. A chatbot can play all the tasks that a human being can do but without any errors and without getting tired. It is really a boon to E-commerce which enables it to perform in an effective manner.

One’s website definitely needs a chatbot to compete with the other in the digital marketing. It can recognize the mindset of the customers through simple questions, guide them through a variety of suggestions and help them to make the purchase.

Don’t you think that this innovation is really a must thing to E-commerce?

A Chatbot can work on all the flaws in the plain E-commerce and it can raise it to the next level. It is evident and clear that the chatbot development can bring a blooming change in E-commerce.

Author Bio: James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.