7 Things to Consider before Writing Your Essay 1

7 Things to Consider before Writing Your Essay

What Is an Essay?

Expository writing is a write up that exposes, explains or illuminates. This genre of writing can be seen in newspapers, essays, magazine articles, textbooks, instruction manuals, encyclopedia articles etc.

An essay is an informative piece of prose which investigates, evaluates and exposes an idea or concept in a concise manner. The expository essay should stick to the specific topic and set forth points of view with clear examples. It differs from the research writing where the writer dives deep into the argument in a persuasive tone.

7 Things to Consider before Writing Your Essay 2

The core purpose of the expository essay is to explain a particular concept in a logical, clear and straightforward way. It must provide an unbiased analysis based on the facts -without letting the personal emotions or the opinions of the writer to interfere.

Expository essay writing prompt will never ask the students to form an argument or opinion. It rather seeks an explanation about the particular topic.

For example,

Explain how the internet has transformed the lives of students.

If you notice, the prompt is asking the writer to explain rather than their opinions on whether the internet has really transformed their lives or not.

7 Tips on Writing an Effective Expository Essay

1. Facts, Facts and Facts!

If your professor or the examination asked you compose an expository essay, then it means that as a writer you have to present the facts in it. Your opinions or bias should not be included in an expository essay. It’s all about gathering facts and presenting them in a concise and straightforward manner or you don’t want to get into the hassle then you can directly order through essay writing solution.

It is recommended to use third-person narration while writing an expository essay. However, the second-person narration is adequate if you are writing an instruction manual or something like that.

2. Focus On The Topic

Make sure you understand the assignment perfectly before beginning to write.

Pick a topic that suits your assignment.

It must be narrow and give you an ample scope for writing. Don’t go too narrow with the topic or else you’ll have tough times writing about it. Maintain laser-sharp focus on the main topic. Avoid wordiness, lengthy tangents or anything unrelated an unnecessary to explain about the topic.

3. Solid Structure

It is important that the well-definited thesis statement is set forth in the very first paragraph of the expository essay. Make sure you follow the assignment’s guidelines and compose a concise thesis statement in the first paragraph.

The transitions between the introductory first paragraph and body to a conclusion must be logical and clear. Transitions are just like mortar as they hold the structure of the essay solidly. If the student is not skilful to create a logical transition then it’s definitely difficult to write an effective expository essay.

Each paragraph must be dedicated to exposing an idea which is related to the topic. The direction of the essay must be clear and concise. No matter, how informative is your essay if you do not compose it in a readable format. There must be a logical transition between the two paragraphs

Concluding an expository essay is a bit challenging. It’s important to learn that conclusion is not just restating the thesis. It must be logical and effective. It’s like a natural conclusion which happens after the information which is presented in the body paragraphs of the essay. Remember that it is a conclusion which leaves the impression on the reader’s mind.

4. Evidential support

Most of the times, students may need to write the expository essays without any preparation. You need to stay calm and gather the facts which are related to the topic. Support the topic by providing factual evidence, examples, details and explanations. Make sure that everything is logical and organized. Here’re the details which you can use to support the topic.

  • Comparisions
  • Anecdotes
  • Quotations
  • Descriptive details
  • Statistics
  • Charts and graphs
  • Definitions

5. Appropriate Language

While you are composing an expository essay, stick strictly to the academic style of writing. It’s essential to use the appropriate language in the essays. Avoid offensive and slang words, as they make your essay look unprofessional. Connect the ideas in a gripping way using distinct linking words. Ensure that there is smooth flow in and out of each paragraph.

6. Revision

This is a phase where you have to review your essay, reorganize or modify the writing to make it the best. These are some of the considerations you need to keep in mind when you are revising an expository essay.

Is the information is communicated in a clear and concise manner?

Is the essay logical and unbiased?

Are the examples and facts relevant to the main topic?

Is there anything unnecessary in the essay?

Are the transitions between the paragraphs natural and smooth?

Does the conclusion of the essay depict the core thesis of the writing?

If you think your essay is not up to the mark, you need to rework on the thesis statement. A solid thesis statement leads to a clear and concise expository essay.

7. A dash of creativity!

Expository essay writing is often referred to as a non-creative form of writing. But adding your own tinge of creativity makes your essay special and effective.

Remember, it’s not a platform to showcase your novel writing skills or poetic sense.

Be creative to make the transitions smooth and natural. Get out of the formulaic box and start writing something striking. Your creativity helps in gathering the appropriate examples to support the topic.

Wrapping up…

We hope that this post helped you to understand more about essay writing. Start writing the great essays on your favourite topics. Once you complete the first draft, just leave the paper for a week and come back to it. This helps you to add a new perspective to your essay.

Remember that it’s important to take time for crafting an extraordinary essay.

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