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Content Delivery Network is witnessing a steep rise in its implementation due to the enormous benefits offered. It successfully delivers the contents of a web page to the end users, without any delay in performance. Click here to understand the benefits of CDN and how EdgeCast Reseller brings websites globally, closer.

Why Choose Content Delivery Network?

One of the most important steps while establishing an online presence of your website is to select a competent hosting service. This secures a space for your website on the internet, making it available for the people to access. This accessibility has numerous layers to be understood before actually investing in it.

The challenge is to enhance the performance while offering the top-notch service. This can be done by reducing latency and designing the web page with engaging contents. How to achieve it? Content Delivery Network focuses on presenting your website to a global audience without any downtime and helping you keep abreast through heavy competition.

Basics of Content Delivery Network

CDN consists of PoPs, edge servers, and Hard Disk Drive. The perfect amalgamation of these three components leads to the formation of an appropriate network that efficiently delivers the necessary information.

The edge servers mirror the static content of a web page in order to save the uploading time. These are strategically placed across the world to reside within the vicinity of a maximum number of people. The reduced distance between these proxy servers and end users lead to reduced latency, contributing to enhanced performance.

This not only satisfies the customers to a great extent but also allows you to design your website with media-rich content.

Content Delivery Network Service Provider

Selecting a proficient service provider is as important as deploying the technology into your website. There are numerous options available in the market that successfully adds to your confusion. Hence, it is important to consider the services offered by them to accomplish a fruitful analysis.

You must have heard about EdgeCast reseller, while scrutinizing the options of CDN service providers. If you are unaware of this technique of making your website accessible, this article helps you to understand the concept in-depth.

ABCs of EdgeCast

EdgeCast is basically a part of Verizon Digital Media Services, which is a network of numerous servers. These servers are dispersed across the world in numerous locations to reach an ever-increasing number of people. It is a top-notch CDN with all the basic components like CNAME, HTTP rule name, and more. This offers the end users with a crude control over the delivery of contents.

Aim of EdgeCast CDN

The primary focus of this technique is to elevate the reliability, speed, scalability, and security of the servers. It assists in offering a flawless output to the hosting service. CDN reseller presents Verizon services that are designed as per the EdgeCast CDN. It helps your website reach maximum number of clients, regardless of their locations. The server is integrated with optimum components that deliver the required content at a fast speed.

Advantages of EdgeCast CDN

EdgeCast CDN has the capability to pacify the most tenacious situations of delivering the contents. Has it crossed your mind, why CDN is preferred by almost all the enterprises, irrespective of their sizes? Let us find the solution with the following advantages:

  • Performance– Performance of website helps you to measure the downtime and the interest of the customer to actually visit your website. Lesser the time, greater the performance. Once the end user initiates a request, it is redirected to EdgeCast CDN server rather than the host server. This adds to a faster delivery of the contents.
  • Ease of access– Whether your website streams live videos or offers e-commerce facilities, EdgeCast reseller ensures the fastest access to the nearest node. This enables you to enjoy rapid connectivity.
  • Security– With the increasing number of websites on the internet, the assailants are also elevating to sabotage the sensitive contents. EdgeCast resellers ensure secured access to the contents without any intervention of the malicious outputs.
  • Delivery of diversified contents– It delivers dynamic, static, and video contents of your website to the target customers, without any lag. The end users get to enjoy prompt service and high-quality contents encased in secured access.
  • Technical assistance– 24/7 assistance offered by the service provider confirms the integration of all the features. The versed manpower also assists in identifying a perfect configuration that will complement your requirements.
  • Costefficient– The models of EdgeCast reseller doesn’t bind your website in a fixed remuneration and charges according to the usage.

Services Offered by the Finest EdgeCast Reseller

Let us have a look at the services offered by the best EdgeCast reseller in the market:

  • Rules engine– It helps design a customized website as per the demands of your target clients.
  • Storage– It enables you to store the contents at a secured source to be able to connect with a superfast platform for delivery.
  • Edge optimizer– It modifies the contents to deliver the necessary data at an enhanced speed.
  • Analytics– It identifies all the errors encountered by your website to solve it with immediate effect.
  • Streaming– Top-notch streaming can be experienced with the help of HLS, HDS, Flash, HTML5, HTTP progressive, and more.

Why go for EdgeCast Reseller?

When you are reluctant to go for a long-term contract with the EdgeCast, you can opt for the EdgeCast reseller. It will offer you with the finest services unrestricted by any contract. It also saves a big portion of the budget as the services are offered in exchange for the specified usage.

JodiHost is the pioneer as an EdgeCast Reseller and provides seamless CDN services that successfully fulfill the business requirements. It has been in the business for a long time and supports the webmasters with a secured and fast delivery of the contents.


Avail multiple benefits offered by EdgeCast CDN to entrust your clients with the fastest delivery of content. It not only ensures enhanced quality of contents, but also adds to the satisfaction of the end users.

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