3 tips to Designing a Landing Page That Converts 1

3 tips to Designing a Landing Page That Converts

There is a lot of confusion over the rate of an ideal converting landing page. Good conversion rates depend on individual goals, target audience, and the industry.

A study conducted in 2014 by Search Engine Land, found out that about 25% of landing pages converted at less than 1%. The overall average conversion rate was 2.3%.

These findings suggested that you should not be caught up on the numbers, but on the results that drive these numbers.

A landing page educates visitors and woes them to become customers. When a customer clicks on an ad, the first thing they see is the landing page.

As a result, you need to get it right. Keep reading for three tips to designing a landing page that converts.


Most designers refer to this as a “killer” headline. You have about 8 seconds to capture the attention of visitors to your landing page. With a “killer” headline, readers will be keen to read the next sentence, paragraph, etc. Here are some tips to writing an irresistible headline:

Use compelling adjective. Use words such as shocking, sensational, and more to draw the reader’s attention. Need help in choosing who is the best landing pages softwares ? Check out https://bestlandingpages.software/

Create a common enemy. Come up with a shared sense of unity by creating a common enemy. Many people have a cynical nature. Headlines such as “5 Things your Parents did not Teach You” will grab the reader’s attention.

Be controversial. Look for a topic that few people are covering and make a bold statement.

Be honest. No matter your topic, your content must match your topic.

Be Specific

The more specific you are, the more your readers will credit your content. For example, it is better to use a headline such as “Boost Conversion Rates by 34% in 4 Months” than “Watch your Conversion Rates Explode.” Anyone can make a blank statement, but it takes lots of research and time to cite specific data. Numbers make a huge difference. Customers want real information so that they stay updated and knowledgeable. You should also create a sense of urgency or scarcity. Top writers use psychological tools such as limited time (urgency) and limited supply (scarcity) to lure their clients. After all, no one would want to miss a good deal.

Get Customers to Act

Your landing page call-to-action (CTA) will break or break your site. You have asked readers to take action. Focus on building up to the CTA and remember that the CTA button must be attractive and easy to find. Let the readers know what you want them to do. Use simple and decisive words to gain their attention. A simple button with “Purchase Now” or “Download Now” can be useful.

None of these tips is “top secret.” Most of them revolve around basic common sense. Nevertheless, many website design companies fail to utilize them. Do not mess up your landing page since this is where you collect your revenue. Follow the above tips to engage your visitors and convert them into customers.

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