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Do you want to know how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive and pc permanently?

If yes, then you are at the right place. In this trick I will reveal how you can recover your windows PC, pendrive and laptop from shortcut virus.

Shortcut virus problem is the most common problem in pc, pendrive, usb. Most of the people get frustrated by this computer virus. The computer antivirus program is unable to detect this virus that’s the main reason now people are looking for shortcut virus remover tool for their pc.

What is a Shortcut Virus?

Shortcut Virus is a modern virus program which makes shortcut of all of your contents. It hides the data behind them. Sometimes it completely hides the data and make them system file. There are lots of shortcut virus remover program or tools available in the software downloading site but they hardly works. It mainly works on autorun.inf . So in this article I will talk about autorun.inf remover tool.

Even the latest version of avast antivirus on my system was unable to detect this shortcut virus. Worst shortcut virus remover tool. It was simply showing that No threat is detected. But believe me even if you format your pendrive or usb this will again come. Because it infected your computer. Which further infects your device. Although in some cases after formatting the shortcut virus didn’t appear but this is only for those whose system is not infected.

shortcut virus remover software free downloadThe main thing about this shortcut virus is, it can change your system setting by own. It will change show hidden files to hide. If you have inserted your pendrive or usb to a infected computer then your pendrive will also get infected. So it is necessary to remove this shortcut virus from your system.

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Which are the various types of Shortcut Virus?

Shortcut virus also has its type. Mainly in most of the computer we have seen two forms of shortcut virus. They are mainly present in window software. It is good to know these basics first before digging into shortcut virus autorun.inf remover tools.

  1. File and Folder Shortcut Virus

    This is the most seen shortcut virus on window system. Most of the antivirus program are unable to detect this virus. So they cannot fight with this virus. You have to take help from shortcut virus remover tool present in the market, which I will share later in this article.

    In this case, shortcut virus will create a shortcut of all your files and folder. It will hide your original files and make them system files. As you know system files or operating system files are hidden in default, so you cannot access them. Shortcuts doesn’t take you to the original files because this shortcut virus has tendency to replicate itself. Who knows it might be stealing your information from its back-door. So be aware. Use popular shortcut virus remover tools.

  2. Pen drive Shortcut Virus

    The first thing about any virus ex. shortcut that it comes mainly from removable devices like Pen drive, memory cards or flash drive. Shortcut virus is really bad for your computer system as it can really harm the efficiency of your computer. It will hide all the matter present in drive in a folder. But story goes really weird when you click on it. It makes a reference to the autorun.inf If thies has executed on your system then you will immediately get infected by this shortcut virus problem. Many suspects it to steal personal user credentials.Before opening any pendrive use the shortcut virus remover tool listed in this article.

How to remove shortcut virus from pendrive || shortcut virus remover

Friends I found this shortcut virus when I used my pen drive to take the data from my friend. That time all files and folders stored in the pen drive were missing. Instead of them I found the shortcuts of all files and folders. It was very difficult for me to find the data in the pendrive.

This article will answer your queries like

  • How to remove shortcut virus from pc?
  • How to remove shortcut virus from pendrive?
  • how to remove shortcut virus from usb?
  • Shortcut virus remover tool free download for pc.

Actually this problem is not only occurs with the pen drive but also with the other memory devices like hard disk, memory sticks and phone memories. Whenever I try to access the file through shortcuts, it just shows an error saying that the shortcut missing. If the same situation has happened with you guys then this article will be very useful for you. I will provide a direct shortcut virus remover tool that will help you to assist with this problem.

When this situation occurs, we may go into a fear of losing the data. In some situation in a hurry we format our pen drive. Friends actually this shortcut virus hide all file and folders and shows us a shortcut instead of our file and folders which actually doesn’t exist in real.
Formatting the pen drive may not give us a permanent solution because  it can recreate the same situation again.
So now everyone want to know how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive and PC.
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Shortcut virus remover: Remove shortcut virus from pendrive| usb|computer

There are many methods exist for deleting a shortcut virus from computer. I am here some working method for deleting shortcut virus from your laptop permanently. I am going to share two methods for it. First method will take help from cmd. And the other method will take help from a shortcut virus remover tool.

Method 1: Remove shortcut virus By using command prompt

In this method I will tell you simplest for showing your contents in pendrive. Although you have to perform this command prompt trick every time you use the device. This method is also known as remove shortcut virus through cmd among techy people.

Steps for removing shortcut virus from your pendrive through command prompt

Step 1:

First of all, plug in your virus infected pen drive in the USB port of your computer or laptop.

Step 2:

Press and hold ‘Windows’ + ‘R’ key. This will open the run box. Type cmd and run or enter. This will open the command prompt.

remove shortcut virus using cmd

Step 3:

Now friends you need to type the following commands in the command prompt. Make sure friends here you have to replace h with the letter of your virus infected drive. For checking the drive letter open the My Computer and check the letter in front of your pen drive.

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive:*.*

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive:*.*

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive:*.*
 Note: you have to make sure that there is a space between each element of the above code.
Command for removing Shortcut Virus

Command for removing Shortcut Virus

Step 4:

After typing the above command press ‘Enter’.

Step 5:

After this wait for a few seconds to completion of the command.

shortcut virus remover tool free download

After this open and check your drive, your folders. All the folders should have recovered by now. You can use these folders like you does the others in your computer. This works best as a shortcut virus remover tool. Also it doesn’t take any help from third parties, so you can use it whenever you want.


Method 2: Remove shortcut virus Using Third Party Software

If you found command trick too techy for you. Then here is another solution to delete shortcut virus from computer permanently. One of such software is USB Fix. It really works great and has impressive features.

NOTE: Please disable your antivirus for sometime. It may be possible that your antivirus detects this shortcut virus remover tool as a virus. But you have to trust on this if you want to make use of this.

  • You should note that it is necessary to close all the program before executing this USB Fix.
  • Connect pendrive, usb or any external storages to computer > Choose clean
  • USB fix will now perform clean operation for shortcut virus.
  • Other notable thing here. Immediately restart computer.
  • Otherwise shortcut virus will again come.

You can also install a third-party software, Anti malware tool to sort out of all the shortcut viruses

MC Shield is an effective solution of this problem, which I am using in my computer. The most important thing about MC Shield tool is that it automatically scan the pen drive when you connect to it your system.Moreover, It also shows a warning if the attached drive is infected by the malwares and provides some external tool for handling these type of problem. MC Shield automatically scan and show the results for that device. It will automatically remove or delete shortcut virus from that external storage. So do use this shortcut virus remover tool to be on safe side.


Method 3: How to remove shortcut virus from registry?

Follow this guide only if you are experienced user with windows. Also its a risky process. Do it on your own risk.  So following the guide how to remove shortcut virus with the help of registry is not recommended for every user. You might be thinking if this is so much risky then why you are telling us. You are right!! Yes. This is risky but if you are willing to risk for this method then you can go on with this method for removing shortcut virus.

Steps for removing shortcut virus via registry

  • Press windows key + R, type “regedit” and hit enter to enter into the registry.
  • Navigate through HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Run.
  • Any key that is unusual such as WXCKYz, OUzzckky and other that ends with VBS, INI, LNK and EXE extension are safe to delete. These are the basic guideline and can differ from system to system. You know the what program you have installed.

shotcut virus remover registry edit method

Guide using video for removing shortcut virus

How shortcut Virus works on your system?

Many of you might be interested in knowing how the hell this shortcut virus works? So here is its step by step strategy which I have seen in a computer. But to be honest this is one of the best powerful computer virus program I have ever seen.:) Although you know how to remove shortcut virus with tools but there is no harm in knowing these processing.

  1. First strategy is trapping you. In this step it will group all the contents of your removable media like pendrive, usb etc and move these content into a separate folder.
  2. It will then hide this folder. Then make a same name copy shortcut of this folder.
  3. It will link shortcut to autorun.inf malicious executable file. This is the main step which shortcut virus remover will oppose of.
  4. You have no option left. Because a single shortcut is the only one you can see.
  5. Now what will you do? Just click on this in some hope of getting your matter back. But this is for no avail.
  6. The virus will make a copy of itself as soon as you click on it. IT will now infect your whole system.

So You should make use of mentioned shortcut virus remover tool.

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Some Popular Shortcut Virus remover Software

There are many shortcut virus remover tool present in the market. I have listed some of shortcut autorun.inf remover tools in their rating order.

1. USB fix

Rating 5/5

I found this software best in its category. It can even remove shortcut virus from your hard disk. It has simple interface to use. Anyone can use it. Just a single click will remove shortcut virus from your computer permanently.

Download USB fix and remove shortcut virus from your system.

2. Shortcut Virus Remover

Rating 4.5/5

It comes in a small package. Another effective way to remove shortcut virus from laptop.

Download this tool .

As its name says it is effective equally. Download this shortcut virus remover tool to instantly clean all shortcut virus from your system.

3. Free Shortcut Remover

Rating 4.5/5

This software also performs the same operation as the above one’s. Removes shortcut virus from pendrive, usb stick, memory card or any external storage device. Below is the link for downloading this shortcut virus remover tool.

Download this tool

4. Shortcut Virus Fixer

Rating 4/5

Shortcut Virus tool is available on the CNET software download directory. The main thing about shortcut virus fixer is, it can remove virus only from external storage devices.

Download this tool Topmost shortcut virus remover tool.

So this concludes the list for best shortcut virus remover tool. Download it on your computer to be safe always.

Here is another popular video to remover shortcut virus

How to prevent shortcut virus from coming into your system?

They say precaution is better than cure. If you dint get this shortcut virus or even got this 🙂 then also use following precautions while using any external devices, memory card, pendrive, usb device etc.This is the best methods to prevent shortcut virus from entering into your system. If you will follow below mentioned guide then I am sure you will never ever have a need of shortcut virus remover tool.

  • Instead by double clicking to view the files on usb device, right click on it then open. In this way autorun.inf will not run automatically. When you double click it directly play.
  • Use boot time scanning in periodic basis. I recommended using avast boot time scan.
  • Always use antivirus in your system.
  • If you don’t have any antivirus program in your sytem turn off bluetooth. Surf net wisely.
  • Always scan the external devices for viruses.
  • Surf only safe websites.
  • lastly avoid seeing autorun.inf remover tool. Just kidding 🙂

The main source of the shortcut virus is internet. External devices such as pen drive, memory stick, usb devices serve as a carrier for shortcut virus. So do make these precautions for avoiding shortcut virus. However if this happens to you then surely you can use these shortcut virus remover tool.

Ok friends , that’s all. I hope now you know how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive, usb, memory card or in any removable device permanently.

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