How To Copy All Data of Pendrive on Insert? 1

How To Copy All Data of Pendrive on Insert?

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Today friends, I will explain you a trick which will copy all the data of external devices like pendrive or others to your computer without the use of any third-party software.Sometimes we wish friends that on inserting some media devices like DVD or pendrive, all the data of these devices should be automatically copy to your computer in a hidden way. You will know that how we copy data from pendrive to computer without open pendrive.

We will do it with the help some simple dos commands inscribed in a batch file.

For doing this please follow the below steps.

Steps for copying all data of pendrive on insert

how to copy data from computer automatically. below are the steps.

Steps 1:

Open cmd and type the following command.

Copy con transferdata.bat

Note: here transferdata is the filename. Replace it with it others if you want otherwise.

Steps 2:

After executing above command type the line below

Xcopy H: E/transferdata /h /i /q /c

In next line type exit

Description of symbols being used here.


This command is used in command prompt to copy the all files or/and directory tree from one location to another.


Source,it is the device letter of your device from where you want to copy the data. Replace it with your own device letter.


It is the destination where data of pendrive will be copied. Replace it with the address where you want to copy the data.


In default the xcopy command does not copy the hidden files or system files of the source folder. But after including this option in command line, it will.


using this option will force xcopy command that destination is a directory. If this is option is not used than if we are copying from the source which is group of files or directory tree and if the destination is not in existence , than xcopy command will ask you to enter the type of destination.


continue, using this option will make xcopy to continue its process even if it finds an error.


This switch will put xcopy into quiet mode and will not display name of source or destination files being copied.

Steps 3:

Press f6

CMD Window

Step 4:

After pressing enter will create a file called transferdata.bat.

Now move this file to desktop.

Transferdata icon

All done. When someone insert the pendrive into your computer than you have to simply click on this batch file and it will automatically copy all the data of pendrive to your destination folder in a hidden form.

That’s all.

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