Facebook Marketing Strategy – Things You Need to Know Before Starting

When the term Online Marketing comes, Social media is the best for your branding and online marketing. And Facebook is the best for it among all of the social media platforms. There are more than 1.86 billion active users on Facebook. There’s ocean of potential customers you can find and reach to them for your online promotion.

Facebook Marketing Strategy - Things You Need to Know Before Starting 1

Though it is a very big place for marketing, your strategy needs to be very specific and unique. Today we are going to show you some good Facebook marketing strategy to reach easily to your specific potential customers.

Make Your Strategy

After researching much on Facebook marketing opportunities you need to focus on how efficiently you can use those features. Make sure how you want to reach to your audience. Do you want to invest more money on Facebook advertising? Or manually use the features for more specific marketing? First, make sure of that. Here in below, you can find some tips and directions that will help you to make your Facebook Marketing Strategy in an efficient way.

Find Out Your Desire Audience

Facebook search becomes very big day by day. By their search algorithm, you can find out your desire audience by their age, location, interests. Pretty useful, right? So, first invest some time on Facebook searching. List the locations, ages, and interest of your target.

Facebook Pages

Make a Facebook page for your branding. Add Contact us button on your page. Use automated message response or ‘away message’ for the time you’re unavailable. Post regular and use boost for your page and posts. You can also set your preferred audience while posting something on your page.


Posts are the main thing which will reach and attract your audience. A good, creative content can bring more audience, share and likes to your page.

But the timing of post is most important. If you do not post in appropriate time, your post may not reach most of your audience. So you have to find out when your target audiences are on Facebook usually. You can go here and see when is the best time to post on a Facebook. But it obviously depends on the location and age of your target audience.

But what if you are not available to post on Facebook at that right time? There are some sites that will take care of your problem. We suggest using Hootsuite or Sprout Social for automated publishing your content if you are not available at that time.

Videos and Facebook Live

Videos or visual contents are now best for getting more view and engagements. So try to upload videos of your products reviews or description videos for your service.

You can also come to Facebook love for more engagement with your audience.

Message Bot

Facebook has added a new and innovative feature called “Message Bot” which will reply automatically to your income messages.

You can also reach your audience through Facebook messenger. It will be more specific marketing and an opportunity of making a good relationship with your customers.

Track and Analyze

Finally, you should always track your marketing outcome and your strategy always needs to be analyzed. To analyze your Marketing Strategy, use Facebook analytics tools. Also, you can use Buzzsumo and Sproutsocial for tracking and analyzing your facebook marketing.

Be specific and unique. And Always be updated with your strategy. Facebook is a big platform for online marketing. But there is a lot of competitions around you. Keep that in mind. Wish you a very successful Facebook marketing.

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