How to host a free website with 000webhost?

In the entire life cycle of a website, hosting is the phase where most of your commercials are being consumed. If you have good budget, then it’s fine else I have seen people dropping the idea of starting a blog or website due to the money involved.

Recently, I was helping on guy with blogging as he was having some financial problem and wanted to get some extra income. As he was a student and so were not able to spend much. And then I explained how someone can simply buy a domain which usually cost $1 for the first year and can host on 000webhost for free forever.

How to host a free website with 000webhost? 1

Later I found this is not the issue with one person and there are hundreds of posts on Facebook where people either ask for free hosting or ask someone to share it.

But most of the people or company who claim to offer free hosting, either charge after some time or show ads on the website which is freely hosted there. That means they are indirectly controlling your site.

And so, I thought to write about 000webhost as how they offer a TRUE FREE hosting for everyone without any limitations. And when they say free, that means completely free. You won’t have to even add your credit card.

Let’s start with 000webhost review and see how it offers the best free web hosting solution for everyone.

000webhost overview

000webhost is world’s leading free web hosting provider for everyone with the support of PHP, MySQL, and cPanel. You just name the feature having in any premium hosting and you’ll find those included in the 000webhost.

Started in 2007, 000webhost is providing continuous and free service since last 11 years. And so you can think of how reliable it is. Over 16 Million websites are hosted on 000webhost for free since years and they’re enjoying the complete hosting solution.

So, if you are also looking for a free and reliable solution, 000webhost is for you. Also, if in future you need more fledged solution, 000webhost also offers the paid plans where you can have unlimited bandwidth and you can host unlimited websites there.

Now as you know when you should go ahead with the 000webhost hosting solution, it’s time to check few features of 000webhost. These will help you use 000webhost in a better and smart way.

Stunning Features of 000webhost

There are various features those 000webhost provides. Even some features are not provided for free by the paid hosting solution also. For example, website builder is something unique and free with 000webhost which is generally paid with other hosting. Recently, I was checking the few best web host for blogs and found how 000webhost is passing the premium hosting providers with features and support.

#1 Completely Free- Not even credit needed

Yes, this is the level of free hosting provider 000webhost is! Get all the features listed here and, on the website, completely for free and you don’t even have to add your credit card to use 000webhost. Simply sign up for the 000webhost and start hosting your websites. In the free plan also, you can host up to 2 websites with enough resources.

#2 99% Uptime- Website always live

Yes, this is the uptime which ensures how much time your website will be up for the users. A bad hosting can really hurt your business badly. But the good news is, 000webhost offers at least 99% uptime which ensures your website is up and running every time. You can check the status of the last 7 days and decide.

How to host a free website with 000webhost? 2

#3 Free website builder

This is another stunning and a pure gem feature provided by 000webhost. When the other website builder companies charge somewhere near to $10-20 per month just for the website builder, 000webhost offers you this also completely free. You can create any kind of website, blogs, landing pages etc. with the help of website builder. Here are few sample sites created using the free 000webhost website builder.

How to host a free website with 000webhost? 3

#4 Sufficient Bandwidth & Disk Space

Yes, to host two websites, the bandwidth and disk space provided by the 000webhost is enough. They offer you 1000MB of disk space and 10000 MB of bandwidth with 2 MySQL databases. Also, you can add up to 5 email accounts specific to your domain. These configurations are enough for the allowed sites in the free hosting. If you need more, you can easily switch to low cost premium hosting which again just start at $3.49 per month and allows you to host unlimited number of websites.

Along with these, 000webhost guarantee you with the following-

  • 000webhost web hosting will always be 100% free!
  • 000webhost own all their servers and locate them in the highest quality data centres, so no one without their knowledge can shut down or reload any server with your data.
  • 000webhost utilize dedicated connections to ensure we can provide enough bandwidth for all our users.

#5 One click Installer & Software

Yes, as 000webhost provides free cPanel and so also allows you to use various important software there. These can be related to the billing, CMS, marketing etc. So, there are many inbuilt tools, plugins, and software which may be required for you. For example, if you are looking to start a blog with 000webhost hosting, WordPress, Joomla, etc. are some of the pre-configured plugins you will find. All you have to do is, just click on it for your respective domains and it will be installed immediately.


This was all about 000webhost review and how one can host a completely free website with 000webhost. If you are also looking for a reliable solution but can not afford to pay as of now, 000webhost is an ultimate solution where you can host up to 2 websites for free with all the features.

Also, later on if you need to more website to host, just go ahead with the premium plan which is again quite cheaper than the market. If you have used any other free hosting solution so far, please share your experience. Or if you are looking to, give a try to 000webhost, you will never leave it for sure.

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