Top PC Games For Hosting Your Own Server

If you’re a video game fan in 2018, then truth be told: you’re spoilt for choice. You’ve got many great consoles to pick from, not to mention some fun games for Android phones, but where most of today’s gaming lies is on the PC. League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Rocket League are some of the world’s most popular titles in this current age, but there are several other games which have a major advantage over those just listed: you have the option to play online with your own server.

Top PC Games For Hosting Your Own Server 1

Sometimes, you just want to play by your own rules and call the shots. Not every title gives you this ability, so we’re going to list some fantastic games which are not only a joy to play but also can put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to hosting a server. Although setting one up might seem daunting, it’s actually relatively easy and not too costly, particularly when the costs are shared with others. The great part is that you get to control who you play with and what kind of theme you’d like for your server, as you’ll discover that each and every server out there is unique in some way. Dedicated server hosting is what you’re after for gaming, and it’s best to check this site for packages and pricing options.

But first things first, which PC games are the best for hosting your own server? These are our top picks.


ARK is about survival – plain and simple. You’ll begin the game (as a man or woman) naked and stranded on an island with no tools or weapons. Your goal is to hunt for food, craft your own items, and build your own shelter like your life depends on it (because it does). Oh, and another thing: there are dinosaurs… lots of dinosaurs. Other than these reptilian beasts, you’ve got to deal with other human players also on the island – humans who could either become friend or foe. ARK is great because tribes are formed, camps are created, and of course, battles are fought to protect your friends and supplies. The other good piece of news is that, thankfully, the dinos can actually be tamed and used for hunting/exploring the island. Who’d have thought a T-Rex could make a good pet?


Every gamer in the entire world should know Minecraft by now, but in case you haven’t, it’s about time you did! For a game with no real story as such and pixelated graphics that look pretty unusual at first sight, you’ll slowly come to love Minecraft for what it is: a game with no limits. You create what you want, when you want. True, there are Zombies to face at night, but for the most part, you’re left to your own devices and can simply build, tear down, and build again to your heart’s content. When working together with other gamers, it’s possible to make incredibly beautiful creations.


Still have a fix for blocky gameplay but with slightly more peril? Then Unturned is the game for you. Often cited as a mix between Zombie survival game Day-Z and the aforementioned Minecraft, Unturned is frantic and a little scary at times (sort of), but so much fun! Blocky Zombies will chase after you, and your goal is merely to fend them off and join up with other humans to last as long as possible. Although released in 2014, Unturned still has a way to go to catch up to other PC games in terms of popularity, but it’s still incredibly enjoyable and if you have the right team with you, you’ll have hours of fun battling the undead.

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