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Four Ways to Reconnect with Old Friends via Technology

As we enter adulthood and go our separate ways, staying in touch with our old friends becomes a difficult task. Luckily for our generation, we have technology to help us out with that. With the help of social media and the internet, you can reach almost anyone, anywhere, at any time, right from the palm of your hand. Here are 5 ways you can reconnect with old friends using the power of technology.

Text or Call Them!

This is your best bet for reconnecting with an old friend. It’s a simple task and shouldn’t require too much time or effort. If you happen to still have your old friend’s phone number, just reach out to them! It doesn’t have to be a long or fancy spiel. A simple “Hi! How have you been? It’s been a while since we’ve caught up!” will suffice. This will show you’re thinking about them, you’re interested in rekindling the friendship, and it’s a positive step towards a memorable conversation!

If they don’t respond, don’t freak out! Odds are they don’t hate you, and they didn’t forget all about you. If it’s been a long time since you’ve last spoken, they could’ve gotten a new phone number, or they could’ve gotten a new phone and the contacts didn’t transfer. Or worst-case scenario, they cleaned out their contacts! If it’s been a couple years, add “It’s ______ btw!”, so they immediately know who you are.

Now if you still want to double-check that they still have the same phone number, you’re in luck! Some of the best reverse phone lookup services allow you to simply type in a phone number and discover who the phone number currently belongs to.

Find Them on Social Media

Chances are if you find yourself reading this, you may have already stalked their social media. If you haven’t yet, it’s a creative and modern way to get in touch. With social media to help us out these days, it’s a remarkably effective approach to ease back into a lost friendship. You can add them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or Instagram, or add them on Snapchat.

Once you have your old friend on just one platform, reconnecting is easy! All you have to is interact with them. Share their posts, like their photos, and most importantly comment on their posts! This is a useful way to break the barrier and start a conversation about something exciting that is happening in their lives. People love to talk about themselves, even if it’s with someone they knew long ago.

Wish Them a Happy Birthday or Holiday via E-Mail

Holidays and special occasions are the perfect time to hit up an old friend and catch up. A simple “Merry Christmas!” e-mail is the perfect leeway to ask them how they’re doing or what’s new in their lives. Not to mention the holidays have a natural tendency bring people back together. There are also plenty of creative e-cards that can add a fun flair to your message.

Send Out an E-vite with a Group of Friends

Just like first dates, reconnecting with an old friend is often less uncomfortable and intimidating when it’s done in a group. There are more people and energy around you, so if you run out of things to say to each other, it won’t be awkwardly silent. This can be done by inviting them out with a group of your friends, or even better, a group of mutual friends.

When inviting them out, e-vites are the way to go. This helps spread the message more quickly than individual texts, and you can pair it with something like Google docs to coordinate everyone’s schedules. Chances are, if you send out an e-vite, the rest of your crew will thank you. Old friends are much more willing and open to reconnect if it’s the whole group of friends meeting up.

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