Science and Technology for Sustainable Future

Science includes the deliberate investigation of the structure and conduct of the physical and natural world through observation and examination, and technology is the utilization and implementation of logical scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

Connection of Science and Technology

By far the biggest connection is the thing that we’ve addressed as of now: technology is the use of science. Truth be told, all through history science has prepared for a wide range of astonishing advances in our general society. Science, technology, and advancement each speak to a progressively bigger classification of exercises which are exceedingly interdependent but distinct. Science adds and contributes to technology in many ways.

  • New learning which fills in as an immediate source of thoughts for new innovative potential outcomes;
  • Source of tools and procedures for more effective engineering outline and an information base for assessment of achievability of plans;
  • Inquire about instrumentation, lab strategies and systematic techniques utilized as a part of research that inevitably discover their way into plan or industrial practices, frequently through immediate disciplines;
  • Practice of research as a source for development and assimilation of new human abilities and capacities in the long run valuable for technology.
  • Creation of a knowledge base that turns out to be progressively vital in the appraisal of technology as far as its more extensive social and ecological effects;
  • Information base that empowers more proficient systems of applied research, advancement, and refinement of new technologies.

Role of Science and Technology

Advancements and development in science and technology are in a general sense adjusting the way individuals live, interface, convey and execute, with significant consequences for economic improvement. To advance tech, developing nations ought to put resources into quality instruction for youth, and constant skills preparing for laborers and supervisors. Science and technology are key drivers to advancement, on the grounds that mechanical and logical transformations support financial advances, enhancements in wellbeing health systems, training/education and infrastructure.

Service and technology are the differentiators between nations that can handle poverty adequately by developing and building up their economies. The degree to which creating economies rise as financial powerhouses rely upon their capacity to get a handle on and apply bits of knowledge from science and technology and utilize them imaginatively. Development is the essential driver of innovative development and drives higher living standards.

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I hope this article helped you in exploring your knowledge in science and technology field and how important technology and science is develop a country.

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