A Review Of 000webhost.Com

In today’s world, the Internet has grown to be a big platform where individuals and companies can establish themselves with the help of many important components. One of those important components which help an individual or company to establish their business is the Websites. Web sites are very common, and we pass through at least one website every day. There are millions of websites present on the Internet all of which exist because someone has put them up there. How can websites be hosted on the Internet?

A Review Of 000webhost.Com 1

Well, it is possible due to the Web Hosting companies who have the necessary tools and services that allow everyone to have their websites up on the internet. In this article, we will review the famous Web hosting company 000webhost, which has gained much popularity over time.

So now you may be thinking why 000webhost?

Let us have a look at the benefits of 000webhost and why you should choose 000webhost.com for hosting your website:

  • 000webhost has been one of the top vendors in the Web hosting business for a long time now. They have been working with individual clients and companies for over a decade now. So this adds to their immense knowledge in the field of Web Hosting which allows them to tackle and handle your website without any issues.
  • 000webhost is the only “free” Web hosting site who truly cares about what free web hosting means. They do not fill their website with a truck full of ads and pop-ups, but it is clean and fluid allowing the users to access it easily. They do not have any hidden charges or terms when you use their site for Web hosting.
  • With a guaranteed uptime of 99.7%, 000webhost is the only free Web Hosting Company who can make that available to the customers. You will be in peace of mind now because your website will get the most of the Internet traffic because of such long hours of uptime made possible by their servers 24/7 all year round.
  • 000webhost is always a favorite for people who are looking for free web hosting agencies. But, when it comes to providing disk space to its users, 000webhost wins the game again. They provide you with 10 GB bandwidth and 1500 Mb or 1 GB disk space to every month. Many service providers fail to do so, but 000webhost has been efficiently providing it to you for a long time now.
  • Another interesting feature is that 000webhost.com allows you to run PHP and MySQL with a free account. These two plug-in help you to efficiently build your website and do other associated activities without any problem.
  • They are the first “free” web hosting company to provide you with Autoinstaller which enables you to install a lot of scripts very easily with just one click. You can choose many templates and scripts from top vendors like WordPress. The add-ons are very interesting and help you to develop a better website. Their free website builder is also something you should look out for! You can publish your website on the Internet in just three steps with the help of 000webhost.
  • 000webhost has a very efficient and helpful service forum and customer care. They can be easily contacted through email, phone no. Or live chat sessions. This makes the users to easily interact with the company and help themselves on their own. The service care is bilingual which makes people of different languages get help from them easily.

So that’s a long list of benefits that you can get if you choose 000webhost for hosting your website into the world of Internet and make sure it is visible out there.

But 000webhost surely has its own set of drawbacks. Let us have a look at them:

  • The control panel in the 000webhost is not customizable. You need to get used to their custom panel. This can be hectic for many users who would like to customize their own panel but has to make way with the already given panel by 000webhost.
  • 000webhost seems to be efficiently providing amazing quality services in all fields. But in one field that is the Security system, it lacks a step behind. Their security patches and firmware gets outdated after a few days, and they update them after a long time. The absence of SSL support makes it vulnerable to online risks and cyber attacks made on to its server.
  • Being completely free has its perks. Similarly, 000webhost being a free web hosting site, tends to slow down or crash whenever you get into doing extensive work which can be irritating. The PHP also tends to be behind the latest updates thus you miss out on the latest features.

Final Verdict

000webhost is one of the most used and high rated completely “free” Web Hosting companies which have been running successfully for over ten years now. They have a bag full of amazing offers like huge storage, efficient customer service, amazing plugins, an exemplary uptime of 99.7% and the huge experience it has gained in all these years. Thus making it undoubtedly the best option one can choose if they are in the Web Hosting sector not for long. Before investing a huge amount of money without understanding the processes, functions and other basic requirements, you should not opt for a paid Web Hosting agency.

000webhost provides you with the best alternative, that is to use their servers and build your website completely free without investing anything but time. Though it has a few drawbacks of its own but isn’t it obvious to have a few negative perks when you are using something of this scale without having to pay single money from your pocket. Therefore it is recommended that you should choose 000webhost without a seconds doubt and make yourself experienced and used to the working of web hosting which will benefit you greatly in the coming future. 000webhost is surely one of the best if not the best “free” web hosting agencies.

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