Sandboxie User Review 2018 1

Sandboxie User Review 2018

Sandbox programs present users with an excellent opportunity to augment antivirus and other security solutions. When it comes software that provides Sandbox services, Sandboxie is not too far from the top.

Sandboxie is one of the most widely used programs to isolate and sandbox programs and websites from the core Windows operating system. The software is designed to help users manage the website, DLL and application threats that may arise from the everyday use of the PC and the internet.

The software comes in both basic and paid versions, offering an effective yet super lightweight performance that poses no strain on the computer. Alongside antivirus, firewall and malware solutions, Sandboxie remains one of the best ways to prevent harmful processes that can lead to data loss and damage of the underlying Windows operating system.

What exactly does Sandboxie do and how does it work?

Sandboxie can be described as an extra layer of protection. The software allows users to install and run programs in its environment rather than on the core Windows OS and allows for the running of other already installed programs like web browsers inside a Sandbox platform.

The paid version of the software differs from the free versions owing to some inclusions like forced programs, multiple sandboxes and so on.

While using any app being run in a Sandbox, the files generated and executed are isolated. Also, the apps in the sandbox have to access to your files, thereby limiting the possibilities of corruption. On the user interaction and software ease itself, Sandboxie is remarkably simple to use.

The app comes with some designated shortcuts like the “Sandboxed web browser” option that allows a sandboxed browsing session. The browser will still function normally do browse and download files. Files that you opt to save in the Favorites folder, Desktop or My Documents location will have a prompt to ask whether you want to save the downloads permanently.

You should take advantage of the quick recovery feature and add your default download folder here to ensure that the files are saved automatically to your real hard drive or SSD to save you the stress of having to recover or re-download files.

Sandboxie is clutter-free and at the end of each browsing or app running session, users can right-click the Sandboxie icon to delete all the generated sandbox processes and files.

This will return your PC to the state that it was before the sandboxed process. Essentially, the goal of Sandboxie is to run programs and software in a barrier environment that ensures that damages, viruses, hacks and other threats do not reach the main OS. You can also set this process as an auto-delete process from the configuration settings of the Sandboxie app.

Pros and Cons

Sandboxie comes with a plethora of benefits for its users. There is a clear security advantage over Trojans, viruses, worms, spy, and adware. Sandboxie keeps these infectious files at bay and reduces the chances of file corruption, information theft, password breach and OS damage.

Sandboxie also avails users of the chance to perform a more in-depth configuration that increases the safety and bulks the security of the system.

A key feature is the ability to block access to personal files or restrict the executable files on your PC to only those that you allow to run or access the web.

A more recent feature of Sandboxie allows tighter security by allowing sandboxed programs to be run in a limited user account. This may also counter the action of keyloggers that may be running to collect keys and passwords for hacks.

A key advantage for Sandboxie here is its ability to work and integrate with a wide array of software and virtually all web browsers including e-mail clients. Sandboxie also works with IM clients, Torrent clients, Game software and cracked apps. However, Sandboxie will not work with system software that accompanies the Windows operating system.

As per system requirements, Sandboxie requires a number of DLL files and drivers to work. Installation is very simple but if you encounter Vcruntime140.dll error when installing or running the program, ]search and download the appropriate DLL file. After downloading the file, place it in the C:\Windows\System32 folder and retry the Sandboxie installation or program itself.

As at now, there are no downsides that can be listed. Find below a summary of all the Sandboxie pros:

  • No impact on performance
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Ability to recover files to be kept
  • Simple and inconspicuous use
  • Extremely secure with extra security
  • Compatible with most software and older versions of Windows

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