5 Tips that can drastically improve your website experience

With the increasing level of competition in different business sectors, it becomes more and more challenging for small and medium enterprises to keep up with larger companies that have already made their impact in the industry. Setting up an online website is considered by many experts as one of the most effective strategies that can help small businesses stay afloat and achieve financial stability in the long run. Although it can truly increase the exposure of a brand and create conversions that will eventually translate into profits, there are some things that you must keep in mind before launching a business website.

One of the most critical aspects of web designing that every online business owner must pay attention to is the user interface of their site. By putting time and work on this, you can improve the overall experience of the users visiting your online website. With this, you can achieve better customer retention and you will also be able to draw more visitors on a consistent basis.

If you are still wondering on which particular strategies you need to take in order to improve your website’s user experience, then this article is exactly what you need to read. Learn more about the five tips that can drastically improve your website’s user experience and get ahead of other online businesses now.

1. Speed is the key

According to research, almost 90% online consumers are likely to leave a website if it takes more than two seconds for a page to load. That is how a small delay can negatively affect the user experience and the volume of visitors that will come to your website every day. One way to avoid slow page loads is to make the layout simple and straight to the point. Use smaller image sizes and avoid cramming unnecessary large media files in a single page.

2. Be mobile-friendly

More consumers are now using mobile devices to interact, communicate, and to access business websites and other resources online. That is why it is important for owners to create a responsive and mobile-friendly version of their websites. Search engines now also prioritize mobile-friendly, informative, and up-to-date websites, so make sure to take advantage of this to promote your business.

3. Use white space

Believe it or not, simplifying the background from complicated designs to plain white space can help improve the attention of the readers by as much as three times than normal. Whether it is text, an image, or a video, white spaces can bring out the best of whatever content you want to highlight.

4. Create an interactive website.

While being simple and easy-to-use is what makes good websites a cut above the rest, adding some interactive features can actually further increase the time spent by users on the page and convince them to come back again. Some of the features that you may want to add include informative slideshows, social media sharing options, short polls, simple animations and more.

5. Keep the designs consistent.

Every page on your website must be consistent with a theme and your brand. The theme should be carefully conceptualized and the elements must be easily recognizable for the users. The theme should include similar font sizes and styles, color tones, and layouts. But if you want to avoid all the stress and the hassle of making your website stand out, it would be a great move if you hire a web design company to address your needs. Contact your trusted local web design company now and get better conversions and increased web traffic through improved user experience.

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