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How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive – Files Recovery Tips

You might have ever experienced to lose important files from external hard disk and it is very irritating. However, there are some easy steps that you can do to get the important data back in a relatively short period of time.

So, how to recover data from the external hard drive?

Check the following tips!

Easy Steps to Recover Deleted Files for External Hard Drive

With the rightest software, recovering corrupted files is possible to do now. Here are some simple steps to help you restore the losing data on your hard drive.

Find Out the Rightest Software and Install It

It is really necessary for you to find the best software to help you retrieve the lost data. With the rightest software program, the recovery process can be done in a more effective and efficient way. There is a lot of software that can be downloaded freely out there. You are suggested to make some researches first before picking up the free software that will be suitable the most for your need. Make sure you check the features offered and also the performance. Install the software after the downloading process is completed.

Select the Mode of Recovery

Once the software is successfully downloaded and installed, the next thing to do is selecting the “Recovery” mode displayed. To successfully do the process, you need to make sure that the hard drive device is completely connected to your computer. Once it is connected to your device, you also need to be sure that the tool is recognizable so your computer can read the system. You can instantly start the recovery process after the selecting mode process is completed.

Choose the Right Location

The next thing to do is selecting the rightest places where you are going to secure the lost files. You also need to make sure that you select the hard drive that you would like to retrieve and do the scanning process. It can be done by clicking the “Start” button and the system will soon scan the losing files on your external hard drive.

Scan Your Hard Drive Device

When the “Start” button is clicked, the scanning process is soon begun. A good software for external hard drive recovery will be able to do the scanning process at a fast speed.

Preview the Data and Recover It

Before finishing the recovery process, it is very important for you to preview the data you would like to recover first. Another thing that can be offered by a reliable software is that it can enable you to preview the files that can be retrieved. Then, you can click on the “Recover” button and find your lost data back.

What Is the Best Software for Hard Drive Recovery?

There is a lot of software available to opt in the market. However, not all of them are the most suitable one for your need.

There are many things that you should put into consideration before picking up the rightest software include the features offered, scanning speed, storage space, compatibility, and much more.

Recoverit is one of the best software to recover files from an external hard drive that currently available. It is not only compatible with many types of media but also can be used to retrieve lost files, photos, audios, videos, emails, and music effectively. Either it is sudden formatting, deletion, system crash, hard drive corruption, or virus attack, the software can solve your problem related to the data recovery.

In addition, the recovery process of the deleted data is safe and free of the virus since the software offers 100% secure-virus free guarantee. You will also be able to enjoy optimum services such as free tech support that is available seven days a week.


There are often times when there is something wrong with the external hard drive that makes you lose important files or the worse, you accidentally delete them. But, with the steps shown above along with suitable software, you can retrieve the data from the hard drive. Recoverit is one of the best options you can pick when it comes about data recovery. There are many useful features provided that will make the recovery process is quicker and easier to do.

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