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5 Popular Programming Languages Demanded By Google

Developers looking for a career change should concentrate on the popular programming languages demanded by Google.

You may not aspire to work for the technology mogul or its parent company, Alphabet Inc.

However, knowing these coding languages will narrow your focus and help you land your next software engineering gig.

With hundreds of programming languages in existence, you may find yourself questioning which one is right for you.

Read on to learn more about the popular programming languages demanded by Google and how they can make your job search as easy as possible.


C++ is one of the most highly demanded languages by Google. While they are looking for a cluster of languages from their new hires, C++ is one of the oldest and most widely used.

In fact, C++ developers at Google work in various roles. You can join the cloud engineering team, protect data with network and security, or develop on enterprise level databases. Furthermore, this language is used throughout many industries from investment banking, smart home gadgets, to electronics products. Certainly, a foundation in C++ would open the doors to many development positions at Google and other companies.

Go Language 

Similar to C++, the Go programming language is very popular at Google.

The open-source language has been maintained and supported by Google for over a decade. Today, many of the largest tech giants use the Go language for their projects.

The increased speed to build, memory safety and editor support allow your projects to release much faster.

Moreover, Go offers modules like Golang oauth2 that can be downloaded from online repositories and deployed into your application. These projects typically include creating new databases, programming for largest networks and administering core systems. If you are planning to apply to the Google Cloud team or any of the major cloud providers, Go is one of the best programming languages to learn.


If you are a seasoned developer, then you know that Python is a common language used by Google. It might be the first programming language you tackled.

After all, it is considered the easiest one to master with its intuitive code, which makes Python highly recommended for beginners.

Many social media platforms have taken Google’s lead and utilize Python for the ability to scale their applications. Additionally, Python offers the resources to support novice programmers including a large community group.

Suffice to say that if you are just starting out, you will not have to troubleshoot coding errors by yourself. Not only is Python widely used for backend development at Google, it is also a prevalent language for technology-based companies. This provides diverse opportunities and gives you job choices with varied company cultures.


JavaScript is one of Google’s core programming languages because of its cross-platform functionality.

You can find it running on backend devices, browsers and consumer products.

For this reason, JavaScript ranks high in popularity and offers diverse career choices to developers.

This has not always been the case, however.

In the last decade, JavaScript has endured several massive overhauls. With all the advancements over the years, it is now considered a powerful programming language that Google and others exploit to the best of their abilities. Finding the right JavaScript developer is the key to doing so.


Additionally, Google uses Java for server programming and GUI development, making it one of their popular language choices. Conversely, other companies use Java for programming operating systems on hardware devices.

This versatility gives software engineers a wide array of job options in various verticals from finance to retail. Java is well-documented and has benefited from the open-source community.

Moreover, it has stood the test of time and ranks as one of the leading programming languages. Developers choosing to add Java to their resume will likely be earning a six figure salary with just a few years of experience.

With the many programming languages available, software engineers should focus their attention on Google’s popular choices. Each one requires a slightly different aptitude and provides varying career opportunities. With C++, developers will be afforded diverse jobs with a complex language.

Google’s popular Go language offers downloadable modules for your programming applications.

If you are just starting out, Python is the programming language of choice because of its ease-of-use and simple deployment.

Others like JavaScript and Java are used on multiple platforms and operating systems.

Knowing either of these languages is sure to provide job security for ambitious developers. Consider the points in this post as you research the popular programming languages demanded by Google for your job hunt.

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  • Java script is one of the mos top prominent language which is very useful in any organisation for the programming. This is highly demand language now days.