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Upgrading the Technical Capabilities of Your Home: 6 Best Smart Home Gadgets Your Money Can Buy

The future is here. With the advent of modern technology, the stuff that used to be pure science fiction is making its way into our homes and revolutionizing our family spaces.

These are the six best smart home gadgets you can install in your home to bring your living space into the 21st century. Just when you do, be sure to get a protection plan to protect your gadgets from unwanted accidents. Visit the Consumer Priority Service for more information.

Ring Door View Cam

A ring door view cam allows you to see exactly who is ringing your doorbell and standing on your doorstep without even being at home.

When someone rings the doorbell, you’ll be instantly notified via an app on your phone, allowing you to see on your phone who is there and even speak directly to them, all without even being at the property.

Smart Thermostat

A Smart thermostat regulates the temperature in your home intelligently. This means it detects when you are away from the property and turns the heating and air conditioning systems off to save you money. It also uses room sensors to detect where you are in the property, so heating and cooling mechanisms can be channeled to where you need it most.

It can even detect subtle differences, like some rooms requiring more heat or air to maintain a set temperature. In these instances, it might keep the air running the whole time the room is in use, to ensure the temperature doesn’t fluctuate.

A Smart Faucet

Yes, you read that right, a Smart faucet. You might wonder how a faucet can be “smart”, but Smart faucets use voice command technology to turn on and off the water flow. Do you know those times when your hands are covered in food and you need to wash them but don’t want to touch the faucet handle? Now, you just command the faucet to start running, wash your hands, and tell the faucet to stop.

Rachio 3

Developers are constantly finding new uses for smart AI technologies. The latest use, on display in the Rachio 3, is in lawn care.

The Rachio 3 replaces traditional sprinkler timers (because who needs a sprinkler running in a thunderstorm) and comes up with a watering schedule linked to real-time weather data. If your neighborhood just had a thunderstorm, Rachio 3 knows not to water your lawn for a few days. If it is in the midst of a heatwave, it knows to increase the frequency, leaving your lawn in safe hands.

Smart Window Blinds

If you struggle to wake up in the mornings, smart blinds might help. They can be programmed to open the blinds at a certain time, providing a little extra boost when your alarm isn’t doing enough to get you out of bed.

Alternatively, they can be opened or closed at any time using voice commands, allowing you full control over your curtains and blinds without leaving your bed.

Laundry Folding Robot

Nobody likes folding laundry. Until now, it was a necessary evil that had to be endured. But with new laundry folding robots, you no longer have to undertake this loathsome task.

Although still in the prototype stage, laundry robots are showing exceptional promise. You simply feed your laundry into the mechanism, and AI detects the size and shape of your item, folds it, and deposits it into a neat pile. Test reports indicate the robots can fold an entire laundry load in under four minutes.

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