iKeyMonitor Review: Best Android Keylogger 2018 1

iKeyMonitor Review: Best Android Keylogger 2018

iKeyMonitor Review: Best Android Keylogger 2018 2

iKeyMonitor Android keylogger is a special kind of software that is designed for monitoring electronic devices such as Android phones and tablets. It is a breakthrough in the spyware market.

iKeyMonitor Review: Best Android Keylogger 2018 3

iKeyMonitor does all the regular works like tracking calls, messages, and GPS location and several online activities, but it also blocks inappropriate games and apps. This keylogger also enables us to screen time limit. Thus this has gained a lot of popularity.

Why do You need iKeyMonitor Android Keylogger?

The reason that iKeyMonitor was created, is mainly that parents could take care of their children when they are away. This app helps parents keep a look on the app and online activities of their children. You can take appropriate steps when necessary.

iKeyMonitor keylogger app for Android is also useful in a company. It allows employers and business owners who worry about the confidentiality of their company’s information. iKeyMonitor is compatible with Android devices and ios devices (jailbreak spy app and no jailbreak spy solution). iKeyMonitor is the best keylogger in the world or at least considered to be.

This has helped people in a lot of ways. There are many ways it has helped people.

For instance, parents can easily keep an eye on their children. It can be helpful to a parent for finding the suspicious activities of the kids or it may also work as a spy type of device.

Another instance is, confidentiality within a company can be checked upon by you and the employer’s actions can also be scrutinized.

How iKeyMonitor Android Keylogger Works?

Let us find out about the working of iKeyMonitor keylogger app for Android. The operation of this application is that the Android keylogger logs all online and offline activities that go through the target device.

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After capturing the data the app delivers it to the cloud panel or sends it via e-mails. The keylogger enables us to track calls and messages. It also tracks conversations on social chat messengers, photos, videos, GPS locations, browser history, web searches, contacts, clipboard history and more.

iKeyMonitor Portability

iKeyMonitor is the best keylogger and we have to know how it works. It can be used for monitoring iPhones, iPads, iOS, Android phones, and tablets. It can also track SMS, chats, keystrokes etc.

How to Use iKeyMonitor Monitoring App?

The app is easy to install and easy to use it. The following steps are to be executed and we can easily get this app working perfectly.

1. Firstly, we need to download the version of the app that we desire.

2. The second step is to launch the installation file in so as to install the keylogger.

3. The third step is to customize settings following the prompts that are given. The positive thing is that we do not need to reboot the system.

4. The fourth step is to create a personal account.

5. The last and final step is to view all tracked data.

iKeyMonitor is mainly used for monitoring and parental control. These are specifically used by business owners and TOP managers. The keylogger provides a complex set of features. The range of features can vary depending on the type of licenses. The following are a few of the features that are really popular.

Features of iKeyMonitor Android Keylogger

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Log texts and phone calls

The copy of all sent and receives messages can be accessed and so can all incoming and outgoing calls.

Record voice messages

The app can easily record voicemails and messages and deliver these to the subscriber.

Spy on messages

This also allows having an eye on chats and conversations on different social media.

Track the content of Emails

This app enables us to read the content of emails, time and dates of all emails and other details can be scrutinized.

Monitoring browse history,

Track GPS location of the owner of the target phone and monitor names in the address book can also be done using iKeyMonitor app.

The interesting part is that this app works in the stealth mode and this means that the keylogger is completely invisible. This is a secure app and cannot be easily detected.


There are various pricing for iKeyMonitor and we can search for the one which fits us best. The monthly subscription is $49.99, while the yearly subscription is $299.99, which is approximate to $24.99 per month. If you don’t want to pay upfront, then you can sign up for the trial version for free. The trial version comes with a free trial of iKeyMonitor for 3 days.

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You can decide later whether you actually want to continue with the software or not. But I would recommend you to go for direct purchase as the iKeyMonitor is worth every penny.

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iKeyMonitor is really useful Android keylogger app. In the modern world of the Internet, it is one of the must have for parents. Organisations can make great use of this tool too. I would recommend you to subscribe for iKeyMonitor for keeping an eye on your children or employees.

In case if you have any questions related to iKeyMonitor then you can tell us in the comment below.

Thank you.

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