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How To Choose the Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers?

Bluetooth technology, which is the creator of short-range wireless networks for electronic devices to share data efficiently and quickly, has become ubiquitous in the recent past. It is so much that adding the Bluetooth adjective in front of the name of a product feels redundant and not just descriptive.

Bluetooth technology is one of the heroes in the battle to free humanities from a lot of wires, portable application, and speakers that are powered by a battery. This technology also bears the hope of eradicating shrill, tinny cacophonies emanating from smartphone speakers. The guide below will help you choose the best portable Bluetooth speaker.

Where are you going to use the speaker?

The milieu that you are planning to use your speakers will state the design that you need to be looking for. The design of the bluetooth speaker lies on the spectrum of not being waterproof to having the ability to withstand complete water submission.

In case you are not going to use the speaker outside and want a thing that is very portable to move from one room to another in the house as you ramble, there are options that will give you just what you want in the market. There are bluetooth speakers that will give you the best sound in the house. However, if you would like to use the speaker outside in areas where they may get spilled or splashed with water, you will have to choose a speaker that is rugged with an IPX rating.

Would you spend more for sound quality that is better?

After deciding whether your bluetooth speakers have to be rugged or not, the other thing to look for is the quality of sound. The truth of the matter is that the quality of sound is a scenario of getting what you are paying for. Therefore, you will have to decide if you desire shelling out more cash so as to get clearer treble and deeper bass, or if you are not minding clipping and losing clarity for as long as it is possible to share music minus breaking your bank.

Also, the best portable bluetooth speakers will not match sound quality from sound systems of homes, therefore, audiophiles to make sacrifices anyway.

Battery life

When you run tests, you will realize a wide range of lives of the battery amongst different models. In case you usually use the speaker for several hours in the patio or near the pool then the life of the battery will not be a very big issue.

In case you want the speakers to power friends who are at the all-night beach party, you will have to make sure that the battery can hold the task. Refer to the life of the battery in the review of each model to get the model that fare in testing the battery life.

Do you require a microphone?

The best portable Bluetooth speakers have inbuilt microphones. Any model that has a microphone will give you the allowance of turning a phone call to a conference call.

However, when you test different models that provide this feature, you will realize that it is of low quality that you will realize that it is better to use the speaker on the smartphone. The microphone, therefore, is not a crucial aspect of portable Bluetooth speakers.

More usefully, some models that have the microphone will allow you to have access to voice control programs like Google Now, Siri, and Cortana from the speaker directly. This means that it is possible to tell the speaker to play a particular song even though the phone is in the backpack, and it will heed the command. If the functionality of this sound is appealing, you will have to make sure that you are choosing a model that has an in-built microphone.

Set up and use

Just like other Bluetooth devices on the market, the best portable bluetooth speaker is easy and requires just a few moments to learn it. It is not necessary to read the instruction manual. All you need to do is turning it on and then navigating into Bluetooth screen of the device.

Use the bluetooth button so as it becomes discoverable and see it popping on the screen. Press it before the end of fifteen seconds and a pleasant chime will be heard from the speaker showing that it is working. The speaker has a charge cable and lights showing the levels of charge. You can start using it just after charging it for a short period.

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