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How to Answer the Most Common IT Interview Questions

Getting an IT job these days is quite the challenge, because employers want the best and the brightest, while the competition with other tech gurus like you is fierce. Computer science and IT are top work fields today, and most companies hire for talent and skills. Nevertheless, no matter how gifted you are, you still have to go through the interviewing process.

Employers already read your CV. They will ask you plenty of questions regarding your experience or your take on many work-related issues. They will also ask you a bunch of practical tech-centered questions you will have to master and we will focus on them today. We will try tackling down some of the most common IT field-centered interview questions down below.

1. For Web Developers – Describe in Short HTML 5 and Your Experience with It

You may or may not have extended experience in HTML 5, but you should approach the answer like a pro. Discuss the need that led to the development of the HTML 5 standard (supplementation of the previous versions’ deficiencies and innovation cross-platform support, for starters). Then, you should pinpoint some of the significant benefits HTML 5 brought:

  • It delivers high-end graphics and videos without additional plug-ins;
  • Offers better support for video, graphics, and audio with the newly introduced tags;
  • Easier error-handling and consistency in cross-browsing by providing developers with an integrated parsing standard;
  • Cross-platform support and better semantic support, etc.

If your future job has plenty to do with HTML 5, we also recommend you consult this HTML 5 interview questions database and list for further reading. The list of questions is comprehensive, and the answers will help you refresh or increase your knowledge regarding HTML 5. The answered questions ranging from the simpler to the most complex ones, and they will help you master an HTML 5-based interview or test efficiently and comprehensively.

2. For Programmers – What Source Control do You use?

When companies look to hire programmers, they already know this unique breed of IT specialists have to work under pressure, deal with timelines, and collaborate with a team. The question relates to the building stage of the code when an entire team works together to manage the code, track it, and save the changes. It is a somewhat tricky question, as it wants to learn the following things from you:

  • If you know what source control is and how you implement it;
  • If you have some bad habits when coding (you should be aware of them);
  • If you can work together with a team (a necessary trait needed in programmers).

While there may not be a “correct” answer to this question, you should take the opportunity and assess your skills and your traits. Be honest with yourself about the habits you display when coding. Your future employer wants to know if the company can rely on you to make as few mistakes as possible and be a good team player.

Computer science and IT are top work fields today, and most companies hire for talent and skills. They even offer great salary packages for every individual who has a potential. Programming is an incredibly stressful environment, and you need all the sportsmanship you can muster to build good code and become a valued member of your team at the end of the day.

3. For Game Devs – What is the Difference between Blender Game Engine (BGE) and Unity3D?

You can answer this question from a personal level as a game developer and state which one you prefer most, but a pro’s answer should focus on the parameters and features of each of the two. When answering this question, you should mention:

  • Platforms – BGE allows you to export files to Windows, Linux, Mac, and the web, while Unity will enable you to make games for most platforms;
  • Programming;
  • Graphics;
  • Performance;
  • Costs;
  • Users’ feedback.

The question allows you to have both a personal and professional take on BGE and Unity. If you did your homework correctly before the interview, you already know what the company prefers. Therefore, you should focus on your experience with one of the two and your favorite advantages. It is a good idea to talk about the disadvantages of each of them – to let your employer know you are aware of shortcomings and the way you are ready to manage them should you get the job.

4. For Cyber Security – What are the Safest Cloud Storage Solutions you would recommend?

Companies who value cyber security – and most of them do these days – want people who know plenty about encryptions, security systems, cloud storage security, and preventing DDoS attacks on enterprise systems. When asking this question, your employer already knows about some of the safest cloud storage solutions on the market.

In the last years, given the tremendous damage caused by known and less known major security breaches in the world, most business owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs know the importance of understanding cybersecurity for their companies, small or large. It is why they are probably hiring cybersecurity specialists.

To answer this question, you need to talk about the newer cloud storage systems and focus on topics such as:

  • TLS 1.2;
  • AES-256 encryption in CBC mode;
  • Privacy by design security systems;
  • The cryptographic functionality controversy regarding JavaScript use;
  • Offer examples of popular cloud systems that would work best for the company you want to work for and emphasize your answers with comparisons and performance analyses among multiple cloud storage solutions to make your point.

However, remember that it is only an ice-breaking question, as when it comes to cyber security, your future employer will dig deeper and test your knowledge on a more profound, expert level.

Getting your IT dream job starts with a compelling resume, but you need to nail that interview showing you know your game, and you are the best person for the job. Good luck!

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