5 Technologies for Improved Project Management and Performance

Project managers need to be flexible throughout the process of handling a project. It may require a manager to wear several different hats in order to get the tasks completed before the deadline occurs. Using the right technology can have a huge impact on your project management processes, freeing up time for your team members to accommodate other tasks and streamlining other systems and processes of the project.

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Innovations in the technology sector, such as cloud based storage and software applications have revolutionized the way that project managers operate. The cloud, although still only a decade or so old, has managed to completely change the way data is handled, stored and processed. The cloud allows project managers to upload documents relating to the project and then give their team direct access to those documents via a mobile device that can be used to log onto the cloud from any location in the world. All updates to the project are saved in real time and direct notifications are sent to relevant team members to keep them updated on the project’s progress.

The cloud is a clear example of how technology has revolutionized project management. The power of technology relies on its effective integration and execution by the business and its team members. Here are five examples of other common technologies that you can implement in your project management business to increase productivity and efficiency while improving communications.

#1 Powerful Project Management Platforms

Have you heard about project management platforms? They are a completely customizable solution that has tremendous value in their application. PMP’s come equipped with both file sharing capability, as well as a suite of tools that can make life a lot easier for any project manager. Create schedules, estimate costs, create budgets, and documents with ease and then send them to the cloud for storage where they can be accessed and updated by members of your team. PMP’s have changed the management landscape for project managers, allowing them to keep their project data at their fingertips and accessible from any mobile device, in any location across the world.

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#2 Storing and Securing Your Project Data

Backing up your data is a prudent management strategy that everyone should deploy. However, gone are the days where you would plug in an external drive to make a copy of your files. Today’s backup systems are all interconnected to your PMP system and stored separately in case of a system or server crash. If this unfortunate occasion comes about then you will be completely prepared to get your project back up and running, with a minimal loss of productivity time.

#3 Take Your Communications to the Next Level

Business communications have evolved over the last decade or so to include instant communications via web applications for video conferencing. Mobile technology has made instant communications available immediately through applications such as Skype that are user-friendly and widely adopted. Social media has risen to a prominent space in the corporate and private sector and now sites such as Linkedin and Facebook make it easy to send out communications on multiple platforms to ensure a faster response time and higher levels of productivity in the workplace. Project managers can send out project updates and have their team respond in real time to the requests.

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#4 Charting and Diagrams for Improved Performance

Track your team’s performance and project progress by creating compelling visuals for all your metrics that you wish to track. Create charts, diagrams, and flowcharts that are easily updated and delivered to relevant team members. Diagram software such as OmniGraffle and Microsoft’s Visio are great tools that can be accommodated in your project’s tasks to improve workflow and increase efficiency.

#5 The Benefits of Online Learning

Now it is possible for project managers to further their education without impacting workflow or productivity. You can work through an online portal to study, take tests, and check the CAPM passing score on your own time and at your own pace without taking away from productivity time at work

Closing Off

Technology is constantly expanding and improving the way that the world does business. Project managers stand to benefit tremendously in their business operations when they implement systems that improve communications between team members and the client. Move your business into the new information era and take advantage of the technologies listed above.

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