tunable gaming mouse

How Important is a Gaming Mouse for Gaming Performance

PC gaming is very accessible as anyone can just hop onto a game with regular mouse and keyboard. There are plenty different types of games that can be played online and in a competitive manner such as MOBAs, MMORPGs, RPGs and FPSs. This has raised a lot of questions throughout the game communities about the importance of a professional gaming mouse and keyboard combo for those serious about performance in gaming.

tunable gaming mouse

People see their favorite professional LoL and CS GO players don a certain mouse and keyboard and can’t stop but wonder if the reason why they’re not on their level is because they don’t have similar gear. In this article we look at these claims and try to figure out whether or not regular PC gamers need professional gaming attire to succeed.


When you play for hundreds of hours a week, you can expect any mouse and keyboard to start showing signs of wear and tear, so to speak. The paint might come off and the chassis of your mouse might even deform. What happens to your gear and after how much time completely depends on the quality of the product. The cheapest mouse you can find at your local market will surely deteriorate a lot faster than a gaming mouse that was made with quality materials.


This is probably the most important factor that needs to be weighed in when it comes to determining the important of gaming mice and keyboards. Each mouse comes with its own precision level and not having enough precision in some games will be very bad. There are games where you can get away with a not so good mouse but in games like CS GO where you need to use your mouse to sharp shoot your enemies, precision is everything. Investing in the best gaming mouse and keyboard will allow you to snipe and mark your enemies a lot more efficiently.


A standard, cheap mouse won’t bring any extra utility to the table. A gaming mouse can feature weights which can be attached or detached so that the mouse has the weight you’re most comfortable with. Depending on how heavy the mouse is, the easier or harder it will be for each individual to control it and feel comfortable with it. Tools like this make getting a gaming mouse a really good investment.

Looking over these factors we can say that gaming mice are indeed a lot better to use for competitive games than cheap, regular mice. However, the true question should be whether or not you need them. Even though they’re excellent, not everyone will be needing them. If you’re looking to play competitively and test your might against others, than getting a gaming mouse makes sense. If you’re just a casual player than you probably don’t need one. Gaming with a regular mouse isn’t nearly as good but it’s viable and you can easily play in a casual manner.


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