3 Reasons Why You Should Use an Email List Checker 1

3 Reasons Why You Should Use an Email List Checker

Digital marketers around the world have tapped into the potential of email marketing, striving to create high quality content for their subscribers. Content is still king on all marketing channels, but when it comes to email campaigns, the most important thing is to reach your customers’ inbox. Email list cleaning is a must when you have this target in mind and today, we are going to give you 3 reasons why you should use an email list checker.

Better email deliverability

It’s important to focus on creating attractive email campaigns for your subscribers, but if you’re not reaching all of them, you are missing out on great opportunities. An email list checker boosts your email deliverability, which means you’ll be able to reach your subscribers. By removing invalid email addresses from your email list, an email list checker ensures that people who subscribed to your newsletters are actually receiving them. Your bounce rate will improve and your audience is going to be more engaged with your email content.

Sender reputation? Impeccable

Every email list falls victim to risky email addresses. Spam traps, disposable, abuse or role-based emails affect everyone’s email marketing performance. The issue is, when you have lots of risky leads in your database, your sender reputation suffers. Why does this matter, you may ask? Because your sender reputation is what determines Internet Service Providers to deliver your email into your subscribers’ inboxes or in the dreaded Spam folder. A good email list checker eliminates risky email addresses from your list and thus helps you maintain a good reputation.

Better revenue opportunities

Once you clean your email list and you start reaching your customers, there’s a greater chance for you to sell more of your products or services. Furthermore, by getting rid of the bad email addresses you’ve collected, an email list checker reduces your email marketing costs. Marketers who keep their lists clean report higher revenues and better overall marketing outcomes.

ZeroBounce also validates your catch-all emails

If you’re looking for an email list checker, there are many to choose from. ZeroBounce, for example, offers email bounce and spam trap detection, they eliminate toxic domains and tell you which emails in your list are catch-all. They recently added another feature on their platform. ZeroBounce A.I., their new email scoring system, uses artificial intelligence to rate the quality of an email address. This is an innovative software that provides users with more complex information on their email hygiene. ZeroBounce A.I. is especially efficient in validating catch-all emails.

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