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U.S. Air Force Contracts 2016 Startup BotFactory To Build New 3D Printer

Circuit board fabrication specialist BotFactory has become a partner of the U.S. Air Force with a view to developing a fully-automated desktop electronics 3D printer, per 3dprintingindustry.com. The company’s engineers are understood to be building a printer that can facilitate the making of Printed Circuit Boards on-site and on-demand.

The Air Force stands to save millions in yearly costs by having boards made on their bases, as well as lots of time as it pertains to its aerospace prototyping process.

The company has been contracted to design and develop the prototype 3D printer under the broader AFWERX program and, given the Air Force’s backing, the program will seek to build further partnerships with private firms based on technology and talent to improve the pace and affordability of the USAF’s ability when it comes to deployment. When it comes to the former, speed is paramount and any aspect, be it A Fastbet bonus or simple deposit, requires both quickness and trust.

The initiative is split into three main areas codenamed “Spark,” “Prime” and “AfVentures” and it’s reported that the U.S. Space and Air Forces are keen on becoming early-stage investors by contracting start-ups.

As it stands, $710 million has been pumped into 99 companies that either work in 3Dprinting or developing advanced materials. BofFactory’s system is thought to be pretty unique in the wider AFWERX framework as only 43 firms in the 1,433 AfVentures portfolio and the 2,299 that have been contracted deal with electronics.

“Over the next 15 months, BotFactory is set to work with engineers from the 402th ‘EMXG/MXDEK/REARM’ Lab at the Robins Air Force Base (AFB), to develop a prototype PCB printer,” the report from the aforementioned publication reads. “At present, the Robins team focuses on reverse engineering legacy systems, but fabricating and assembling electronics has remained a bottleneck.

“In order to expedite the reverse engineering process, BotFactory has proposed a “next gen” electronics 3D printer, in which an AI program automatically monitors PCB fabrication and assembly. While the firm hasn’t released exact details about how the machine will function, it’s understood to be based on an inkjet 3D printing technology, in which a solder paste is dispensed layer-by-layer to form circuitry.”

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On a less industrial note, you could secure your own machine for, say, printing your own kids’ toys.

A system designed specifically for that, called the Toybox Printer, is currently on sale as part of a deluxe bundle for $314.49. The Toybox is pretty easy to use and doesn’t need blades to cut printed objects, as do many other 3D printers out there. The functions are all one-touch and it comes with a nifty app that allows you to build designs from your smartphone; it’s simple enough for kids to use.

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