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Why is it Expected That Technology Won’t Stop Evolving for Decades to Come?

The evolution of technology has surpassed the expectations of the human movement. When you look back 10 years ago, you’ll quickly see just how far we’ve come with technological advancements.

It has been evolving at a rapid pace for decades, but could its evolution finally come to an end?

While it is possible, we will one day reach the end of technology’s capabilities, it is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Below, we’ll look at why experts suggest technology won’t stop evolving for decades to come.

Finding our way around limitations

One of the main reasons technology is unlikely to stop evolving anytime soon, is said to be down to our ability to find our way around limitations. While there are laws which define what we can achieve, there are literally thousands of ways these laws can be applied in technology developments.

For example, decades ago we didn’t have half of the technology we have today. This is because we weren’t yet able to figure out a way around the limitations presented at the time. However, solutions were ultimately found, and we now have a whole range of technology such as testing equipment, broadband and advanced in-car safety tech. we once thought impossible.

Understanding the different laws

There are numerous technological laws which determine our ability for technological advancement. These include:

  • Moore’s Law
  • Nielson’s Law
  • Kryder’s Law

Moore’s Law relates to the power of processing chips found in computers. The principle was identified by Gordon Moore back in 1965. According to the law, the power of computer chips doubles around every 18 months.

Nielson’s Law focuses on bandwidth capabilities. It states that bandwidth capabilities double approximately ever 21 months. This would explain why the development of bandwidth has always been slower than other technological developments. The latest 5G is set to be introduced by 2020, but it’s been a long time coming!

Kryder’s Law relates to storage capabilities, important in devices such as MP3 players. It states storage capabilities double every 12 months, making it one of the fastest developing technologies.

Advancements within AI could be our downfall

The only thing experts believe could prove detrimental in technological evolvement, is AI technology. Professor Stephen Hawking famously warned of the dangers of AI, claiming it could take over the world.

Although current robots don’t pose much of a threat, deeper learning AI systems have been developed behind the scenes. These would give robots the ability to think for themselves, mimicking our own cognitive capabilities.

So, as it stands, technology is unlikely to stop evolving anytime soon. In the distant future, it is possible for AI to hamper our evolvement but that’s certainly not going to happen anytime soon.