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What You Should Know About Text Messaging While Driving

Texting while driving is a real distraction and can be very dangerous. It’s not only a distraction for you, but for everyone else on the road as well. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that every year more people die in car accidents caused by text messaging. The number of deaths from texting has doubled. That’s a pretty high number, especially considering the fact that most people can avoid these accidents by refraining from texting. Does not matter if you are driving a slow car, a fast car, a truck, or a SUV. Distracted driving is extremely dangerous.

First off, don’t ever text or send a text message while you are driving. The rules here are similar to those for using a PDA or laptop computer. Electronics should be avoided altogether while in a car driving. In some states it is illegal to be on a phone while driving. There are rules about what kind of things you can and cannot do on the cell phone. In addition, you must always keep your cell phone held upright. Even if you are texting from a pocket or purse, don’t ever look down at

the phone. Doing so could prove very distracting to other drivers, and cause them to become distracted as well.

When you text or send a text message, don’t write anything down until you’ve gotten into a safe place, such as a park, along with a friend or family member. Keep the “communication” between you and the driver and your passenger clear and open. Texting while driving can be very dangerous because it is possible to lose communication with the driver in case of a crash. Plus, if you write something down and don’t have it handy, chances are you won’t remember what you wrote and won’t be able to stop the vehicle safely. In addition, if you send text messages while a motorist is behind the wheel, chances are the driver won’t see the text messages until they come into view on the screen of their cell phone.

You should also pay attention to what’s going on around you and keep your eyes focused on the road. When you are driving, always look both ways before you make a turn. When you can’t see the front of the car, and the back is in the line of sight, you should look both ways. If you have to

make a turn, do so when the car in front of you is making a turn as well. Also, don’t let any children sit in the car without a seat belt on. While it may seem safer for them to do so, this can often result in an accident if you aren’t watching out for what you’re doing.

Don’t text or send a text message while driving if you’re involved in a traffic accident. Texting while driving can often distract a driver, and increase the risk of an accident. Even if a person isn’t texting or using their cell phone, accidents can still happen. The driver may not see another vehicle coming, and there’s no telling what will happen as a result of being so distracted.

If possible, text or send a quick text message while you’re stopped at a red light or stop sign. Some cell phone providers provide a feature that allows people to block incoming text messages or even calls while they are behind the wheel. There is a customized message to people indicating they are driving and unable to respond to a call or text message. If you have this type of service, make sure that you turn it on before you get into your car. You don’t want to risk getting a ticket for texting or talking on your phone while you’re stopped. It can cost you a lot of money if you get caught, so you want to make sure that you can drive while using your phone.

Some cell phone providers provide a feature that allows drivers to receive incoming text messages. They are read to them by a voice assisted person on their phone. This means that the driver can read all of the text messages that are sent to them. Or have them read to them rather. It helps the driver keep his or her eyes on the road at all times. If this is a feature that you want, you can request it from your service provider to add it to your plan.

Try to avoid being on the phone even for the shortest calls. Sending text messages isn’t the only thing that is distracting. Some people immerse themselves in deep conversations and don’t realize they are not one hundred percent focused on their driving. Although these devices may be small, they can be a distraction. You don’t want to have something in your hand that might cause the driver to become distracted and cause an accident. If you absolutely must text or send a text message, make sure that you do it at a complete stop.

Driving is something that you need to always be focused on. Safety is utmost important. Sure there are things like having an auto extended warranty on the car to alleviate financial pressure. If you don’t have this warranty maybe you should. Go online and take some time to research auto warranties. Or look at sites such as for more information. When people are driving the last thing they want to be distracted with is texting, phone calls, or the stress of their car breaking down.

Staying safe and worry free is the best peace of mind while driving.

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