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One of the best way to pass your spare time and relax your mind is to watch movies, videos and TV shows. These things help us to take a break from work and have some entertainment. And today we have a long list of popular and interesting TV shows in every genre. You can find dozens of TV series that are worth watching and the list is still growing.

But to watch all these TV shows, you need to find a place, a website which lets you watch all the TV series without any hassle. Well, there are a lot of platforms where you can watch each and every episode of your favorite TV shows, but most of them are fake, contain spam links or ask for your credit card.

Project Free TV is an online streaming website that hosts thousands of other sites links which are hosting copies of popular TV shows and movies. This website allows users to watch their favorite popular TV shows and all the popular movies for free. Project Free TV is a website that links to thousands of other websites hosting copies of popular TV shows so that people can watch them online for free. It also provides TV scheduling information.

All users have to do is log on to the website, search for a TV programme and a particular episode they wish to watch, and then they are taken to another website where the video file is hosted and streamed in a web-based video player for free.

Project Free TV is one of the oldest websites of its kind, but today there are many other websites that offer similar services. Copyright holders frequently petition courts to get internet service providers (ISP) to block the services, and the website has been blocked in the UK since November 2013.

Project Free TV – one of the most watched websites for online Tv-movies-show-streaming on the internet. The site suddenly came down dated 24th July (reasons are not known yet)!

But, the good news is: The website remains live with a new name and domain. News and rumors were spread that this might be the end of the long-running show.


The creators of Project Free TV, a hugely popular TV show-streaming website, have broken their silence to announce a new domain, almost four months after they disappeared off the internet.

On 24 July, Project Free TV mysteriously vanished, much to the dismay of its legions of fans, who rely on the website to provide links to web players that stream pirated recordings of TV episodes.

The website’s usual URL to a webpage that was completely stripped of content or a design stylesheet and simply said “Goodbye”. Three days later, on 27 July, IBTimes UK discovered that a site called Project Free TV was residing on another domain,, that was still functioning.

We contacted Project Free TV’s creators at the time for comment, but since then there has been no explanation given, no rumors picked up by TorrentFreak and no copyright holders making a statement.

After almost four months of silence, Project Free TV contacted IBTimes UK, simply saying: “Hello, Project Free TV Is Online. New tv show Site is and we closed Thanks.”

A comparison between and this new domain shows that the design stylesheet on the new domain is less sophisticated than and there are no TV show descriptions or images.

A quick search on Google seems to show that the domain is still not being crawled on the search engine and a WhoIs domain search states that the domain was registered in November 2014 and updated on 23 September.

Still, Project Free TV’s sudden email raises questions – where did they go?

Why didn’t they announce that they’d started a new website? How many domains do they have now?

Why do they suddenly have yet another domain?

IBTimes UK asked the creators for more information, receiving the following response: “We launched our site this month. is just a fake copy of Project Free TV. We have just We had some bad law issues [in the] past due to link exchange with linking sites. so that’s why we closed our old site and launched a new one.”

How to watch:

For watching an episode of your favorite TV show, follow the mentioned process.

Suppose, you are a fan of Game of Thrones, all you need to do is log on to the website and search for your favorite programme. It will redirect you to another site where the actual video file is hosted. Alos, will stream the video in a web-based video player for free.

Project TV is a free movies and tv shows streaming service but it contains copyrighted material. So, it’s risky to use because anytime you may receive a notice against piracy. We recommend you to use a fast and secure VPN for streaming movies and TV shows.

Legal or Not ??

So the Project Free Tv Disclaimer Stats :

The author is not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from his pages – If any damage occurs by the use of information presented there, only the author of the respective pages might be liable, not the one who has linked to these pages.
Project Free TV doesn’t host any content

All Project Free TV does is a link or embed content that was uploaded to popular Online Video hosting sites like / / / Google Video. All youtube/Veoh/Megavideo/Google video users signed a contract with the sites when they set up their accounts which force them not to upload illegal content. By clicking on any Links to videos while surfing on Project Free Tv you watch content hosted on third parties, and Project Free TV can’t take responsibility for any content hosted on other sites.

We do not upload any videos nor do we know who and where videos are coming from, We do not promote any illegal conduct of any kind. Users submit links to the videos and managed by users.

I think You Are Smart Enough To Understand It Is Legal Or Not.


When we look at the website, it’s pretty simple. It doesn’t have a modern layout and the design. The interface of Project Free TV is plain, it only shows you the navigation links to watch the TV shows. I didn’t find this website attractive at all. But at the same time, it’s clutter-free.

At the top of the website, there are menu options including home, TV shows, contact us, etc. There is a left sidebar, where you can see a box in which you can enter the name of the desired TV show that you would like to watch.

The main content area contains a list of popular TV shows. You can see the list of recent popular TV shows and besides it, it shows you the list of most popular TV shows like Game Of Thrones, American Horror Story, Westworld, better call Saul, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things etc. But if you want to browse more TV shows, then you can select the TV shows options available in the menubar. So, as I said, the list of all the popular TV shows.

Project Free TV offers you a straightforward and simple method to watch TV shows on it. You don’t need to go through any complicated process to watch the episodes of your favorite TV shows. All you need to do is to visit the official website of Project Free TV. After that, you only have to browse the TV show you want to watch.

Project Free TV offers 2 ways to search the desired TV show. Firstly, you can simply enter the name of the TV show in the search box available at the left sidebar. Or you can click on the TV shows option from the menubar, select the first alphabet of the TV show name from the given links and when you find your TV show, simply click on it.

After that, Project Free TV will redirect you to another page, where you need to select the season of the TV show to watch and then the episode. It will then provide several links to stream that particular episode. You can select any of the links and start watching your favorite TV show. That’s it.

Is it Safe or not??

Though, Project Free TV is a free website and offers you to watch all the popular and other TV shows, is it safe to use? This is the question that comes to the mind of every user. So, when I visited Project Free TV, it provided me several links to watch the episode. But when I clicked on the link, first it redirected me to a third-party page link. And then provided me the video to watch.

So, it does contains the links to third-party websites and advertisements. And yes, these links are not at all safe. It uses Propellerads to serve pop-under advertisements. This network has got many backlashes for the low quality and malicious ads. I remember it asked me to install an extension which I immediately canceled as I didn’t want anything suspicious downloaded to my system.

So, yes, Project Free TV is not safe to visit but if you visit it and want watch some episodes then you need to extra careful. Whenever you get any pop-up box asking for installing an extension or to allow the Acrobat flash or to install it then never install or download them as it may harm your device. If you take these precautions then you can freely visit Project Free TV without harming your system.


You can watch full movies online that come directly from the endless database.

The streaming is smooth and with minimum no popups and ads you can visit the streaming page directly.

There is no need to register yourself so you won’t be prompted to sign up or login.

Stream movies using project free TV is always a pleasant experience where you are allowed to pick up any server from the long list

The navigation bar makes the entire browsing very easy where you can either select movies or TV shows in just one click.

Rest of the design and interface always helps you to browse more and more media because there are just a few ads that do not disturb you much.

The filter options are available to where you can choose movies and TV series by latest, most watched, suggestions, most popular along with the genres.

The website always promoted HD videos so users can take advantage of the high-quality video and audio.

You can get the necessary info about any movie just when you hover over it like IMDB rating, release date, duration, description, country, genre, etc.

It offers you to add any movie to your watchlist just by taking your mouse over the poster and click watchlist.

As we mentioned earlier on that project free TV has been there for sometime. However, there are also other sites which deliver the same service. One such site I have used is formerly known as This site also changed its domain name sometime in 2016. has some advantages over project free TV such as website appearance and that also offers movies to watch. This is unlike project free TV which only has shows.

The main biggest deterrent to Project Free TV is the number of ads that automatically pop-up. I was using and I noticed that I started watching an episode without even one ad popping up. Also, the appearance of the platform was far more appealing than project free TV.

This brings us up to the pros and cons of the site.


The site loads quicker than most

It also shows the most recently uploaded episodes for your favourite shows.


On the downside, the site has a bad looking appearance that might be unappealing to users.

To many ads that will deter users.

Does not offer movies

Best VPN for streaming on Project Free TV
As we have been noted above, it is more recommended to use the best VPN for streaming on Project Free TV. Firstly, such free streaming sites as Project Free TV contain different kinds of malware which are dangerous for your device. Secondly, streaming anonymously is more preferable because of copyright abuse issues.

Well, how to choose the best VPN for streaming on Project Free TV?

What are the main features to look for in the service?

Let’s define them right now:

#1 Blazing speeds

Almost all VPN providers promise you streaming and torrenting at the most blazing speeds, but in reality, internet connections might be slow, which leads to long latency and lagging while steaming.

In order to have smooth streaming internet connection speeds should be at least 2 Mb/s, but for high-quality movies your internet should be far more blazing. Moreover, it also depends on the service itself.

Taking into account all that was mentioned above, testify the speed of the best VPN for streaming on Project Free TV. It is very convenient to testify the service during its free trial period if it is available. In case our provider doesn’t offer such an opportunity, you’d better subscribe for a 1-month period. If the service will suit you, it is always possible to prolong the period of subscription.

#2 ‘’No logs’’ policy

Most of the VPN providers claim on their websites that they do not keep any users’ logs. But what is in reality? Certain VPN providers actually collect some information about the VPN users. What logs shouldn’t be kept if you want anonymous and private streaming on Project Free TV?

The provider of the best VPN for streaming shouldn’t collect and what is more, keep users’ IP addresses for a long period of time (6 months and more). That’s why be sure that you haven’t subscribed for the VPN which is under the jurisdiction of one of 5 eyes.

Certain VPN providers may collect the data about the websites you visit and content downloaded from there. It doesn’t ensure you with real anonymity and privacy. Why? Though your ISP is not aware of your online activities, your VPN provider does know what you do online.

The best option for such a  VPN will be a no-logging policy.

#3 Encryption and protocols

When your stream films on project free tv alternative, your traffic should be encoded with data codifying tools. Why?  You might watch copyrighted movies there, and taking into consideration the fact that the site’s owner is ‘’not responsible for the links provided o the websites’’, you might be sent a warning letter from your ISP, for instance.


The Best VPN for Streaming on Project Free TV:

Encryption: 256-bit key.

Protocol: OpenVPN is preferable.

How to unblock Project Free TV from everywhere?

Like any other site for free streaming, it is sometimes subjected to internet restrictions and shutdowns. So in some regions, it can’t be used without special services, such as proxies or VPNs.

How proxy works for Project Free TV

To avoid geo-restrictions imposed on Project Free TV, one has to change an IP address to pretend to be from another country where it is not blocked.

It is usually free and easy to use, so it seems to be rather popular for these needs. A user just goes to the website of a free proxy server, inserts the link to Project Free TV and the traffic is redirected through the proxy server.

But what are the dark sides of proxies?

Proxies don’t encrypt your sensitive information which is transferred through the network.

Proxies slow down internet connectionы, so it is likely that you won’t be able to enjoy streaming without lagging of the Internet.

Proxies don’t apply secure data transfer protocols that make your internet connections more protected.

Why prefer VPN to unblock Project Free TV?

Taking into account, the proxy cons mentioned above, we would recommend you to use a VPN service instead of them. These are 5 reasons why VPNs are better than proxies for Project Free TV:

Most of the VPN services let you choose the country for being connected through.

A VPN creates a secure tunnel for your information, thus making it more protected and less vulnerable to hacking attacks.

The information is thoroughly codified, so it is hidden from the prying eyes of snoopers.

With a VPN service, the Internet is not slower (most VPN providers run ultra-fast servers which don’t slow internet speeds down).

Finally, with a VPN, you will both unblock Project Free TV and protect yourself on the Internet.

Project Free TV has become one of the most visited streaming sites by 2017. The site has been gaining popularity even despite the fact that BitTorrent sharing is even more widely-spread nowadays.

However, a cautious Internet user should take some measures to stay safe and secure while using Project Free TV. We’re glad to give you the list of the best VPN providers in 2019:


Easy-to-use VPN service that gives you an opportunity to choose the fastest VPN server location for Project Free TV.


You can choose between more than 5100 super-fast servers of the VPN to enjoy secure streaming experience using Project Free TV.


You’ll forget about intrusive ads with this software, automatic Kill Switch, and IP leak protection will make your Internet connection safe and fast.


This great service doesn’t record any of your Internet activity while using Project Free TV.


You’ll easily bypass location-based blocks and access your favorite content on Project Free TV with this VPN.

Project Free TV movies: how to watch with VPN

Now you have a VPN for streaming on your device and ready to watch Project Free TV movies online. But how will you do this with VPN?

This is the way you can watch Project Free TV movies via Virtual Private Network:

Before you open your browser and visit the service’s site, turn your VPN on.

Then connect via one of the foreign VPN servers offered by your provider. Your true IP address will be changed into another one.

As far as encrypting is concerned, it is usually done automatically. You don’t have to configure anything.

Now you may visit the website and enjoy its films and series anonymously and safely with VPN.

Top alternatives:

This should be the first alternative to project free TV. A whole new website without ads and popups, should try it sometime


The most recommended site like Project Free TV is YouTube. Currently, it’s the most visited site when it comes to video streaming; whether it is a movie, TV Show or Music Video from different countries. Since it is a community site, the availability of the video is not always guaranteed. Yes, you find almost all kinds of videos here, often they get deleted too. So, the video available today may not be available again tomorrow. Hence, for some circumstances or reasons, it may be deleted. Although we cannot disregard the fact that it is one of the sites that have an extensive collection of videos and movies from different countries. So, it is still a free good Project Free TV alternative.


Stream2watch is a site dedicated to bring broadcast of different kinds of sports. This site is similar to SportsStream. However, this site has a wider scope of games like Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, American Football, Golf, tennis, wrestling, UFC and more. Get a daily dose of Worldwide Sports Events with Stream2Watch. Simply click the category you are interested in, then the site will open another tab for ads just like SportStream. So, make sure to stay on the main web page when watching. Therefore, if you are fond of watching the sites mentioned above this site suits you well.

This is a website specifically designed for TV series, tv shows with full episodes, shows without any ads etc, this will give you working links to watch your favorite tv shows and series for free.


This is a famous and best website like project free tv. SideReel has a list of Genre that they include you can simply choose from them which you want to watch like; TV Series, Movies and Web Series etc. The Thing which makes this site popular is that it always shows the information of upcoming movies, Web Series and Tv Shows etc for their Viewers.


It is well known for its name in all these years that offers you free movie streaming as well as TV shows. It is just like any other streaming website that lets you watch movies and TV series for free.

It comes with a VIP membership where you get to watch movies older than 6 months and TV shows older than 3 months. You should check this out as an alternative to project freetv as it has been really good with eliminating ads.


TVDuck is Comfortable for a live streaming a particular user will use to look at movies and television series without a problem. you’ll be able to arrive on the site and watch the film of your selection. The layout of the positioning isn’t that smart, however, it caters to the basic demands of the users.


Every movie and TV show you watch on this site has an auto-generated default setting according to the device you use. It also gives you the option to change the quality of the video. Only thing to remember before viewing the web site is that you have to register and pay for the service.


Fox is also regarded as a good alternative to Project Free TV, providing access to great movie and TV shows. It is a site concentrated on American TV shows and movies on different genre.


This is a channel for sports enthusiast, you can watch live games from all over the world. It gets you the live feed of games like Football, Basketball, Cricket, hockey, Tennis, and many more. All you need to do is visit the website and choose the game from the main web page.


It is one of the recommended site when it comes to your viewing pleasure. It does a real-time update of the most recent TV series. The previous sites mentioned like, KissAssian, Kshow123 concentrated on Asian TV shows, on the other hand, this site is concentrated in shows from the Western part of the world. If you love watching Variety shows, Talk Shows, Singing and Dance Contest, and News from America, this site is made for that kind of need. The site is affiliated with different TV networks like Showtime, ABC, SYFY, Fox and NBC to provide this kind of free service to people.


KissAssian is a site where you can watch TV shows streaming around Asia. You can find Full episodes of on-going dramas being broadcasts from various countries like South and North Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand.


It has been doing an excellent job in comparison to all its competitors that allow online streaming at free of cost. The interface is so clean that brings upcoming movies in the form of the slideshow and all other stuff is viewable as you scroll down.


It is one of the free movie websites that stream media directly, so you don’t have to download any file into your device. The website is very well-known for its HD quality movies that you can stream without paying a penny.

Retrovision Classic Movies

The name Retro itself means past. Retrovision Classic Movies is another alternative site for Project TV. It takes you back in time and where you can watch your favorite movie from different genres.

TV Player

A must have in the list is TV Player. This is a famous streaming site in UK available for both Desktop and mobile devices. As of now, the free version offers more than 95 channels including Lifetime, BBC1, Discovery TV, and more


Putlocker is a streaming platform where you can stream movies related to all genres and along with that, streaming TV shows, and series is also one of the Putlocker’s feature.


Finally, the last one on the list is Kshow123. This website is for die-hard Korean fans, this is the perfect site for you. It covers multiple categories and updates them on daily basis.


It is one of the most popular websites for streaming online. The service was first started in 2010, and in very less time it got into everyone’s devices as their favorite streaming site.

Terrarium TV

It allows you to stream movies and TV shows using the app that you can download free platforms like windows, android, and iOS. Here you can watch a wide range of movies and TV shows and to make it worth watching Terrarium TV always offers high definition quality,


If you are unable to arrive home early to catch your favourite show, then this site is specifically suitable for you. Considering that it is totally free to signup and use the site. The site continues to be a very popular site for online streaming even with the coming in of new platforms.

Project Free TV is free of charge service for watching films online.

The website is easy to use: attractive user-friendly interface and options to stream and perform searching Project Free TV movies.

It is strongly advised to apply the best VPN for streaming on Project Free TV.

The best VPN for streaming should be fast, encrypt the data transferred and not keep any logs about you and your activities (Tor is less efficient for streaming).

In the case of Project Free TV is unavailable for you, use a VPN to unblock it. If it is not efficient, you can watch movies on Project Free TV alternatives.

So be cautious on streaming content & read carefully about its policies. Always use VPN & safely enjoy your favourite shows.

Please do share us & ask for any queries. Thanks for reading this article.

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