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One (SEO) Trick That’s Proven to Grow Your Roofing Business

Roofing is known to be a cut-throat business. Whether it is repair, new construction or replacement, the roofing industry tends to be a game of visibility. As advertisements such as billboards and posters tend to get lost among younger generations, SEO proves to be a valuable tool when getting ahead. But with increasing rate of technological advances it is hard to keep ahead of the game. In order for any business to succeed they must be constantly evolving.

Staying ahead of the game can be a fulltime job within itself. If you find yourself perplexed by Google’s method for ranking your business on the search engine results page, you likely do not have time to dedicate to personally marketing your Roofing company on the internet. For the best advice on the internet and the source of the current article, check out the information on this Roofing business SEO page that can help you get a strong start in SEO internet marketing for your roofing company.

Be faster

When the secrets of the universe are only but a few clicks away on our smartphones modern people rarely have time to search the internet. This comes especially true when the search is for services they may not particularly enjoy, such as roof replacement. Based on the State of the Industry Report and Survey in 2016, roof replacement remained the staple source of income as in residential markets report only 7% of total income is received from repair and only 5% is from new construction. As Google suggests, most people can’t be bothered to do a full in-depth look but instead simply do a quick search and select the roofer who is nearest to them.

A great way to be faster is by getting to the point. In the past, marketing trends supported a flood of shorter prose as the key to success. Nowadays, we see extensive longer posts that explains every aspect of the topic in full detail. The truth is, both trends have to meet somewhere in the middle and form short, but informative sentences. Dense writing is favorable because it is quick, direct, and most importantly, easy to understand.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are the webpages crafted to instantly modify when loaded on a smartphone screen. According to some sources, Google has already begun to prioritize these websites due to the high level of User Experience Optimization (UEO). The UEO is measured by the time spent on a particular webpage or site as well as the site’s functionality and aesthetics. Paired with SEO, UEO, holds the secret to a budding business and ensures a consumer’s return.

How to stay ahead of the game

When evolution is the key to success it is vital to know how to change your business strategies in order to compete in a heavily saturated market. A great way to shine is to stay informed on current marketing trends and to always keep an eye on your competitors. SEO is a market that is constantly changing. No one can predict the algorithms Google may use next, however, if you pay close attention you may see patterns that work for your particular business and use these patterns to your advantage.