Latest Mobile App Trends That Have Taken the Industry by Storm

In 2018, we saw massive amounts of technological advancements. As this trend continues, below are some of the mobile applications development services that are trending in the year 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, also known as machine learning, is one of the most recent developments witnessed in the use of mobile smartphones.

Some of the mobile features that make use of AI include face recognition, night- shooting, camera scene and object recognition among other things.

One of the most advanced uses of AI that I have witnessed is the smart selfie blur. With just a sensor, a phone is able to take high-def pictures and blur the background. In most cases, this blur effect relies on two cameras.

Blockchain technology

You see those send push notifications?

There is the blockchain for you.

Blockchain technology is a game-changer. I call it a game-changer because it has revolutionized how our phones work thus changing lives.

It has also helped many companies and majorly start-ups to create apps, smart contracts, and software solutions, all of which are powered by it.

One of the most common blockchain solutions has been used by mobile app developers to connect their apps to cloud storages.

Virtual reality and Augmented reality

VR and AR have already been incorporated into mobile apps we use. For instance, the app Pokemon Go.

All those game features, the trees and people you see exist in the reality portrayed through the camera but in reality, none of them are actually there.

On-demand apps

The world is so dynamic that we find it hard to do simple tasks like shopping. This fast-paced world we live in is what brought about the rise of on-demand apps.

Technology has really come far with the surge of on-demand apps. With just a click of a button, you can solve almost all our problems.

On-demand apps provide the fastest ways of connecting consumers to service providers and within minutes, their merchandise is delivered.

One of the most successful on-demand apps is Uber.

Digital wallet

Over the past few years, we have seen an evolution of how financial transactions are carried out. People no longer queue at the bank or ATM machine for several hours just to withdraw a few dollars. The emergence of mobile payment apps has made money easily accessible by just a click of a button. It has offered speed, security, and convenience to its users.

Beacon technology

Beacon technology saw the light back in 2013 when it was first launched by Apple.

Beacon technology has been used vastly by mobile phones in the connection and transmission of information to other smart devices. This has eased interactions and also made location-based searches more accurate.


In the past, people thought of cloud storage as just a luxury but this year, it has become more of a basic need.

There are endless possibilities to what cloud storage can offer its users. Storing information and images on the cloud has helped alleviate security concerns of data loss and also provided a data backup platform that companies can trust.

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