Know About Various Types of Solar Panels Systems for Your Home

Across the globe, energy forms the basis of innovations, inventions, and advancements. However, the soaring demands of energy have placed the non-renewable resources on the verge of extinction. It is where alternative energy sources come into the picture, one of which is solar energy.

The next question that pops up is – How can you use solar energy?

The answer to that lies in the range of solar systems available – hybrid, grid-tie, or off-grid solar system.

Solar power systems serve the purpose of consuming solar energy and transforming it into electric power through the photovoltaic (PV) effect. Most homes have a backyard or a roof which can be used to install an on-grid, hybrid or off-grid solar system and produce electricity. Along with producing green energy, it is one of the best economical options to save on your energy bills.

If you are willing to install solar panels and go green, you must understand the various types of solar panel systems before you buy one.

Know About Various Types of Solar Panels Systems for Your Home 1

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Types of Solar Panel Systems:

On-Grid Solar System

On-grid or grid-tie systems are built to operate with the grid or simply put, your electricity supply. It first converts the direct current produced by the solar PV panels using an inverter, into alternating current. The power generated is used to operate electrical equipment at home or workplace.

However, if there is any excess power left, it is fed to the grid, thereby helping you gain a benefit from your grid contribution. Along with this system, a net meter is mounted to keep track of the energy you use relative to what you generated and fed back to the grid, resulting in savings reflected in the bill. Though, it does not work when the grid is down.

Off-Grid Solar System

An off-grid solar system is an incredibly useful battery-based power source when facing power outages at home. It can also run when there is no direct grid power supply or when there is no solar panel-generated electricity.

Because it’s not connected to the national grid, it has an inverter battery to store the generated power. On converting the generated DC into AC, the inverter feeds it to your home appliances. The surplus power generated is then stored in the connected battery, which can be used during power cuts.

However, it is important to note that whenever you are opting for an off-grid solar system, you need to invest in an energy storage system Enovatek. This will allow you to store your solar energy effectively and make it available to you as and when you require the same. Storing solar energy and releasing the same on demand has always been a challenge. With great energy storage systems, now you get solar energy on tap whenever you require it.

The cost of other power sources and growing electricity demand, especially in no grid areas, have led to the increased demand for off-grid solar systems. The decline in battery costs over the years have further brought down the cost of this type of solar panel systems.

Hybrid Solar System

Combining the capabilities of both on-grid solar system and off-grid solar system into one, a hybrid solar system can be used in both high power cut areas or areas where there is rare or very less power cut.

Under normal operating conditions, it can supply power to the home, charge the batteries and excess power can be fed into the grid.

In case of a power cut, the unit will automatically switch over to battery supply and continue to operate independently from the electricity grid. That is what makes them costlier than grid-tie or off-grid solar systems.

You must, however, pick a suitable Solar NXG+ inverter for your solar panel system from reliable brands like Luminous. Here is a table to help you with it:

NXG+ Solar Inverter Model VA Rating Panel
NXG+ 750 400 VA/12V Up to 400 Wp
NXG+ 1100 700VA/12V Up to 800 Wp
NXG+ 1400 900VA/12V Up to 1000 Wp
NXG+ 1600 1100VA/24V Up to 1000 Wp

Solar Panel Systems-The Need of The Hour

Going solar is like buying a car: everybody doesn’t need a Porsche.

You need to consider your needs and measure how much energy you require.

Along with that, you should also understand various specifications of different type of solar panels to make an informed decision.

When calculating the load, the need for both AC and DC must be determined. There are online load calculators from reputed brands like Luminous, India, that can help you calculate power needs.

They also provide a comprehensive range of on-grid, hybrid, and off-grid solar systems in India.

Their polycrystalline off-grid solar system is one of the most cost-effective options that help in conserving additional solar energy. It also serves the panel power from 24V up to 1000Wp with their AC capacity rating as 1100VA.

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