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How to Increase the Effectivity of Your Promotion on Instagram Twice?

Millions of followers and thousands of likes – what could be better?

Most likely, you will not bypass Kim Kardashian’s account, but you will be able to amuse your self-esteem with a couple of extra likes.

There are thousands of articles on the Internet which advise you on how to grow your IG account. Some of them are quite useless.

So I’ve decided to create my own guide. Thus, follow the tips below to promote your acc on Instagram more efficiently than ever.

Like, follow and comment as much as you can

Instagram is a huge network. Music and film stars, online shops, and ordinary users, everybody post photos and try to win as many followers as possible. If you think that IG is created only for silly bloggers, you are mistaken. Many large companies and brands have already created their business accounts on this network.

Do not wait for the followers to find you. Find them by yourself. Comment, like, and follow your target audience using automation tools like Ingramer. With their help, you can adjust the most precise targeting and set up the most effective promotion.

Anyone who sees that their photo like, commented on by a stranger will look at his/ page out of curiosity. It is likely that someone from these users will follow your acc.

Remember about a decent hour

The time when you post is not just important, it’s vital for the whole promotion. Leaving that out of account, even your most marvelous photos will slip under the radar of your target audience. Know your audience inside out, find out what time of posting will coincide with their activity on IG. Set up the scheduled posting within any automation tool you’ll choose, point out the time, and enjoy streams of likes and new followers.

Put hashtags

Instagram is known for its hashtags. If you put a pound sign – a hash (#) – in front of a word, an image associated with it will appear in the search for this hashtag.

Some people think that a lot of hashtags are the way to success. To a certain extent, yes. But do not spam with it in your captions. Put them in the first comment.

Moreover, you should use only proper hashtags. As if you put random popular ones, it looks ridiculous. Not to think over what hashtags to put down, use hashtag generator (Ingramer has one, by the way.) It’s free. It can generate tags by a photo, URL, and keyword.

How to Increase the Effectivity of Your Promotion on Instagram Twice? 1

Keep up with times

IG is growing and developing just like any other community. New trends come and go. Vertical videos, AR filters, Instagram Shopping, and so on. Be on guard, track new trends.

Use foreign tags

To attract a foreign audience, you can put a couple of tags in a foreign language. That will increase the reach of your publication. Consequently, it will attract more followers and likes.

Take part in contests

There are lots of various contests on IG every day. In order to participate in them, it is enough to follow a particular acc, repost, or publish any photo. Thus, you can win a prize. Absolutely everyone has a chance for success.

One of the most famous contests is “photo of the day.” Add one of your photos to the hashtag #photooftheday and keep your fingers crossed. If your photo is the best, the profile @photooftheday will post a link to your account. After winning this contest, you will receive several thousand likes and hundreds of followers in just one day.

Held contest by yourself

Take a cue from the guys I mentioned in the previous point. Held your own giveaway or contest on Instagram. But do not burden followers with the difficult conditions of the contest. Oddly enough, but even if a person becomes your follower just because of the contest, most likely, he will not unfollow your acc.

Do not publish everything indiscriminately

All that mentioned above tips will definitely drive your promotion but do not forget that the main thing on IG is visual content. You still need to post good photos. Stick to one style: post images related to one thing, such as cars or fashion. If you begin to mix animal photos with cryptocurrency, followers will not understand this. In addition, do not spam the same pictures: no one wants to see the twentieth picture of your cat.

That’s what I wanted to share with you. Your path to Instagram success can be pleasant and fast. All you need to do is to wind up your brain: use hashtags and automation tools, stick to your unique style and from time to time amuse your followers with giveaways. Good luck!

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