How to receive donations on wordpress sites?

Many websites tend to raise funds for a particular cause and they take help from many fundraising platforms. There are many such kind of non-profitable organizations all over the world who are looking forward to raise funds and reach out to the kind people that are willing to help them. But one must also be careful to use such a platform as some platforms charge the payment process a lot.

The website must look forward to such a platform that suits their cause in the best possible way. Some organizations sell different kinds of items in order to raise funds in a different way.

So, one really needs a high working platform to pull off the job perfectly.

Here, we have listed some criteria that each and every organization or a website must look for in a platform to work for them.

  • Easy usage: The platform interface should be very easy to use or in other words it should be user-friendly. Any non-techie guy should be able to use the platform perfectly for their cause.
  • Installation process: The installation process of the platform should be easy as well. The whole process ought to be done within a small span of time.
  • Processing Fee: The processing fees of the payments made should be lower because sometimes some platforms charge the people a lot, which in turn tends them to lose interest in the website.
  • Support: The support of the platform should be well enough so that it can be supported on almost every interface.
  • Currency: The platform should be able to support all kinds of currencies in the world. The payments are expected to be raised from all parts of the world according to the accessibility of the websites and the subject of the website.

All the above points have to be kept in mind while choosing the payment platform.

Moreover, the websites can also advertise on social media and can have the funds raised for their cause. There are many fund-raising platforms to choose from. Statistics suggest that in the modern world, online fundraising has become more popular than any other method. It also has its advantages in the form of integration with the mailing services and its interaction with the social media.

The services dealing in online raise of funds do not charge a monthly fee like the other methods, but a transaction fee for each donation made in the name of that particular website. Keeping in mind about the online raising of funds by the websites using different platforms, we have cited some platforms below to get started with-


This platform stands out from the rest due to its excellent features. The platform will not charge a penny from the website if the fund raised is less than $1000/month and charge 0.89% per donations made in favour of the website, though stripe fee is also needed. This wordpress donation plugin can also be localized in various languages and adds to the main advantage of this platform that it can accept payment in different currencies.

Official site url:


In this platform one can even raise funds for one’s personal cause or to one of the thousand’s charities. Anyone can sign up in this service for the raising of funds and can accept international funds. But there is a drawback and that is it accepts payment on USD only. This platform charges 4.9% per donation along with the stripe fees.


This platform is popular for raising funds one’s own personal cause. It charges 4.9% per donation and the payment processing fee. But this platform is available only in USA.

So, we have seen pretty many ways in which funds can be raised with the help of different platforms from the websites. The wordpress sites are able to receive donations from different sources according to the kind of platforms it is able to receive. There are other fees related to it but if used smartly, the platforms can be used to raise a big deal of funds from the people who are to share the donations.