Will Mobile DDOS attack be more common?

With the creation of the internet a new need for security arose to protect our electronics and data both in the private sector as well as one a professional level. These threats evolve over time and necessitate security to change to meet these needs. Today, this sense of security has also spread to our mobile devices as evident by the recent mobile DDOS attack, WireX.

As more and more people are using smartphones, it was just a matter of time before someone figured how to compromise the security of these devices. This past summer Android users were vulnerable to malware found to be secretly hidden in over 300 apps offered at the Google Play Store. When these apps were downloaded and installed on a device, they enabled a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack. When the phone was switched on, it was used in the attack which was traced back to the WireX botnet. It was estimated that possibly as many as 70,000 devices in 100 countries were affected. Google also set about removing the malware from affected devices. Some users were even prompted to pay ransom fees in order to have their devices unlocked.

Many of these affected apps were storage managers and media players which operated in the background most of the time. However, some other categories of apps were affected including a popular mobile gambling network. Given the severity of this particular attack, it has created a heightened awareness to protect devices and app such as Lucky247 casino app https://cherryrush.com/app-reviews/lucky247-casino-android in the future. The collaborative response to the attack from a multitude of entities also has provided evidence of the need for sharing information.

App stores will need to beef up their security in order to ensure safe downloads from their stores. Consumers can protect themselves by keeping up with online security for their device.

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