Best Valve Index Accessories 1

Best Valve Index Accessories

If you’re familiar with some of the latest video game technologies, you’re probably aware of the virtual reality games you can play. There are a few machines you can choose from to play these types of games in your home, and one of those kits is the Valve Set.

Who makes the Valve Index?

The Valve Index is created by Valve, a developer and publisher of video games. Thanks to their online gaming store, Steam, many people who play video games on PCs will be acquainted with them. After June 2019, the index is available for purchase.

The Index can also be used with some of the HTC Vive devices as they can play VR with games bought from the Steam store. This is because the Vive, as well as the Index, use the Valve Steam VR software.

Best accessories for Valve Index

The Valve Index complete VR package will go for $999 or $1,079, with headset, controllers and two base stations included. You can pick the Valve Index headset with a controls kit for $749 if you already have Base Stations.

Whatever option you choose, in order to play VR games you will need a high-end PC, especially in 120 Hz with a resolution of 1440 some1600.

A dual-core CPU with hyperthreading and Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD RX480 are the minimum device specifications. You’ll need at least GTX 1070 realistically, and you’ll want Core i5 or Ryzen 5 or 7 with more than 8 GB of RAM recommended.

For Index VR headset, Valve encourages third-party add-ons. After the official start of the sale, we expect a flurry of accessories. But Valve’s new headset already has some exciting additions.

HTC Vive Base Station

If you need to update your VR system with another Base Station, the versatile design of the SteamVR and Valve Index can be useful. Version 2.0 monitoring of the HTC Vive station is cheaper and has reliable performance.

This monitors the position of the headset and controller and is an excellent alternative to the original base stations for the Valve List.

Fovitec – 1x 7’6″ VR Lighthouse Mount Stand Tools

This mount stand is a possible solution for the ideal positioning of the base stations of the lighthouse. The package contains two stands for VR lighthouse, two mini ball head mounts for tripods, and a case for carrying.

Originally made for HTC Vive, these stands are capable of positioning the base station at least 6 feet in height needed to form the play area. It offers aluminum construction that is durable, lightweight and can hold up to 11 lb. Feedback from customers is mostly optimistic, and the bulk of the praise goes to stability.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 G1

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 G1 is a good start with a fantastic price-to-performance ratio if you don’t already have a VR ready GPU. You can use GTX 1080, or newer 2070/2080 or even 2080 Ti graphics cards to enjoy full VR on 120 Hz high-res Valve Index displays.

But this card is an excellent choice if you want to keep your budget in check. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 G1 has a 256-bit memory interface of 8 GB DDR5 ram. The clock of GPUs hits 1822 MHz. The card is fitted with DisplayPort 1.5 so it is compatible with Valve Index VR and supports a resolution of up to 7680 part4320. In VR games, you should have solid performance.

Metal Adjustable VR Light Stand

The option for positioning of base stations is the Foto&Tech 2PCS 75′′/190 cm Metal Adjustable VR Light Stand+1/4. It supports VR Lighthouse and cameras with the standard 1⁄4-inch thread which suits all photographic and HTC Vive Lighthouse equipment.

Constructed of aluminum alloy, with only 2.5 lbs, this stand is lightweight. It’s got a 360-degree rotating mini ball head. There are two stands in the kit. This product boasts a perfect rating, but as there are so far only two reviews, this may change.


One of AFAITH’s cheapest VR stands is made of black plastic and can hold most VR headsets. It has an easy, detachable three-step assembly ad design for safe storage when not in use.

It also has excellent customer feedback as well as being affordable.


A VR headset kit is a lot of fun, but if idle, with a headset, wires, and controls, it can be quite messy on your computer.

With a VR stand like this headset display holder made for Oculus Rift and Rift S and their Touch controllers, a great way to organize your play area is.

It can support other VR headsets and this is an excellent option because Valve Index controllers share a similar physical layout with Vive. The only downside is the cost.

Snakebyte Headset Stand

Another VR headset stand comes from Snakebyte and has an attractive design featuring a plastic head that stores the natural position of your Valve Index.

The booth can also store your headphones; it also has a larger base so it won’t tip over. Most VR headsets out there are compatible with the Snakebyte Headset Stand.

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