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Android Applications within the home furnishings industry

Home decoration requires clever ideas, estimation, and the perfect choice when choosing your products in order to get a desirable outcome. When it comes to dressing your windows, this will need special attention as the windows can be the most prominent feature from the outside and inside. It can be very difficult to mix and match items into your color scheme and room setting.

Window coverings make living comfortable by helping to regulate heat within the home plus they prevent harsh UV rays from tarnishings your precious furniture, floors, and artwork. Shutters, Curtains, and Blinds can really change the look of your interiors drastically, but often there are so many different fabrics, colors and styles to choose from and the task can be daunting.

The benefits of augmented reality when shopping for home furnishings include:

Selecting a color and style

With the advent of augmented reality apps, only one click is required to view the window covering. Today it is used by many retailers and it can be easily downloaded on Android and iOS. Due to this, you’re able to really appreciate the different window treatments available and their many various colors, to match with your existing room setting. It is a total game-changer and saving of time.

Estimate size and space

Augmented reality furnishing apps make it convenient for trying every size and shape that is available and actually seeing that upon your very own walls. As we all know windows take up a large amount of the actual house interior so selecting the right treatment is very crucial because they will seriously affect the overall look, the size and placement of your window treatments, area rugs or furniture are important.

Convenient and Fun

Many times shopping becomes fun when you don’t have to drive to the shopping center, get stuck in traffic and wait for a car spot. You can jump from store to store, and now with the help of augmented reality, you really don’t even have to be there to see the item in person. Increasing customer satisfaction whilst online shopping will certainly help reduce online return rates.

Other types of android apps

We contacted Aaron, the director of My Direct Blinds in Australia, according to his experience his sales increased after developing a mobile quoting application. He said;

“The app allows us to quickly quote for customers on the spot, without having to work out fabric costs for curtains and blinds. As you know doing quotes takes up a large part of the day for a window furnishings company. My sales consultants’ time was often was taken up by nonstop paperwork, utilizing the software has helped tremendously to reduce my employee’s workload and get quotes out faster to increase our sales.”

“There really are a lot of maths formulas and calculations needed to just do a quote within the window furnishings industry, and this app simplifies things. Of course, reducing the time needed to quote jobs means we’re able to pass this cost saving on to our customers. This makes us more competitive in the marketplace and helps us then, in turn, win more jobs.”

So there you have it, if you’re in the home furnishings industry it pays to invest in mobile applications as they can help streamline your business processes.

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