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4 of the Most Famous Gaming Cheat Codes Ever

After playing a video game for a while, it is almost inevitable that a player will stumble onto something that was not obvious at the beginning. That could be a joke on one of the walls, some hidden keys or a reference to a previous game release. Cheat codes are a subset of these hidden tweaks and tricks, but are more geared toward intentionally changing the game environment or outcome.

Cheat codes do not always necessarily make play easier. They are sometimes used to increase game difficulty as well. Cheat codes have been in existence from the earliest days of video gaming and have continued to thrive in places such as the Guided Hacking Forum. But certain codes have stood out over the years and attained legendary status in gaming circles. Here is a look at some of the best known ones.

Konami Code

Cheat codes do not get any more famous than the Konami Code. Maybe it is because the code has appeared in more than 100 games from Konami and unlocks a distinct feature in each one. It was developed by Kazuhisa Hashimoto in 1985 for the game Gradius. He had realized the game was too difficult to test, so he added a sequence that ensured all bonuses could be achieved at once. However, he unintentionally left the code in the game by the time it was launched.

The Konami Code grew in popularity and was included in subsequent video games from the developer as an avenue for overcoming the hardest levels. So popular is the Konami Code that it has even found application in Google Hangouts and countless other web pages. How does the Konami Code go? You type: Up-Up, Down-Down, Left-Right-Left-Right, B-A, Start.

The Sims

The premise of this game is you must live your life through the Sims. Just like in real life, it can be difficult to save money each month. Therefore, the Sims cheat codes that allow players to earn money with minimal effort quickly grew in popularity.

You press Control+Shift+C and type the word “klapaucius” or “rosebud” depending on the game’s version. Each time you deploy the code, it automatically adds 1,000 currency units to your account. This allows you to build large and well-equipped homes without spending excessive time on play.

There are numerous other cheat codes for the Sims, such as deleting the shower or getting rid of ladders from the pool. However, it is the money code that has found the widest appeal.

GTA Saga

There are two ways of navigating all GTA games. The first is to tackle mission after mission. The second is exploring the open universe in the game. It is the second method that many consider more exciting since it follows a less linear path.

Moving around the open universe gets even better with the many cheat codes available. These include the ability to make unusual vehicles appear, change the weather, modify traffic behavior or adjust the main character’s attire.

For example, if you type “rocketman” while playing, you get a jetpack and can fly anywhere. Typing “kangaroo” gives the main character the ability to jump up three times as high as they usually would.


Doom was the earliest first-person shooter game when it was released in 1993. It was also one of the first games to incorporate cheat codes extensively. The goal of the codes was to make the game easier for newer players. Doom motivated many people to learn game hacking.

Among the best known cheat codes is God Mode which is activated by pressing CTRL+ALT and typing “iddqd.” This hack gives players 100% health and makes them undamageable, except if playing at the Nightmare difficulty level. Another well-known cheat code is CTRL+ALT and ”idspispopd” – enabling the character to walk through objects, including walls and enemies.

Here To Stay

While these are some of the most famous cheat codes in history, cheat codes remain an integral part of video gaming to this day.

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