Why Choose a Small Industrial Robot for Your Operations ?

For most people, industrial robots are large machines used in industrial setups to help carry out most of the heavy lifting.

However, as technology grows and the ability to miniaturize products that were once large grows, the need to have a robot that can easily handle the smaller products is required.

Hence, the small industrial robot.

The small industrial robot, is a complete robot, only smaller. It can be used to automate as many services in the factory as the other standard size robots. Its main downside, is that it will only work with processes that do not require heavy lifting.

So, why choose a small industrial robot for industrial operations?

They can perform multiple tasks

Small industrial robots like any other robot are multi-talented. They can easily carry out multiple tasks in the factory that do not require heavy workloads. For example, small industrial robots easily carry out assembly tasks, quality inspection and even tasks that require lots of movement such as painting or welding.

Companies whose products require some level of micro-tasks to complete their products can comfortable and easily use this robot.

They are affordable

Purchasing a small industrial robot from Universal Robots is a good financial decision for any factory owner. With proper planning, the purchase will not affect the company’s cash flow or the company’s reserves.

With its price range, the money spent on the robot, is a good capital investment, that will have more returns over many years. The purchase price of this robot is easily recouped within a year and the rest of the years will be pure financial bliss as it requires minimal further spending.

Have a small footprint

By virtue of their size and their names, small industrial robots help factory owners use available space effectively. These robots only require small work spaces ensuring that the factory utilizes all the available space effectively.

They are mostly collaborative and will easily proceed with their tasks safely even with people around them. They have a long enough reach to ensure that they do not harm any human worker alongside or next to them.

Highly accurate

Small industrial robots are highly suitable for tasks that require high levels off accuracy. They can easily handle delicate products and are suitable for assembling components with small parts.

This is enabled by the fact that they have a payload of only 0.5kg. Highly technical facilities that assemble parts that go into electronic devices, mobile communication devices or other miniature parts can easily increase their output by using it.

As a result of their specialized ability, they are highly accurate and are designed to have minimal room for errors as they go about their tasks.


Like every other robot, the small industrial robot also brings speed to the production process. Due to their high levels of precision and accuracy, the robots help factories produce more. They minimize the occurrence of errors in the production process and thus enhance the rate of production.

Suitable for different industries

Small industrial robots, may not be useful to manufacturers of heavy materials for example automotive factories. However, they are suitable for a range of other uses. They can be a good for companies that do not handle heavy goods.

These robots are bringing automation to industries such as the healthcare and pharmaceuticals manufacturing, electronics, retail and food packing. With their performance not limited to a particular task, they accrue efficiency and effectiveness in the production process.

Adaptable assembly

As a result of their small size, small industrial robots can be mounted anywhere in the factory. They can be used on table-tops or assembled at the farthest corner of the factory. They can easily be used wherever it they are most needed within the factory.


As they grow in popularity, the industry and users of small industrial robots keep growing. They will be a major aspect of automation in future companies as products get smaller and smaller.

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