Should You Buy Instagram Followers? 1

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

If you’ve been using Instagram long enough, you know how hard it is to get followers, especially when you’re just starting out in this industry.

And let’s be honest here, you’ve probably looked everywhere on Google for ways to buy followers just to get the usual “post good pictures/ start slowly” old news.

But who has time to wait that long?

If you’ve dug enough, you’ve probably come across several sites that are offering to get you followers for a low price, like Gramblast for example. But how legit are they? And what are the pros and cons of buying followers from such websites?

Buying followers:

How does it work?

There are three ways through which websites can sell followers to users:

They’re selling you fake followers

Most sites are just increasing your followers count with useless accounts that don’t add any value regarding authority, so you won’t notice any improvement in engagement and such.

They’re promoting your account through different channels

When a website offers followers for a high price, it’s probably because they’re promoting your content through various channels that include forums, their social media account or even popup ads.

They’re using their own accounts

Some agencies offer engaging followers instead of standard ones. Engaging accounts can like, comment and share your content at your well, and that’s because these agencies own those accounts and control them as they wish, which may give the illusion that they’re real ones. Those followers can improve your public image in the eyes of those who check your accounts, even if they’re fake.

What are the pros and cons of buying followers?

When it comes to buying followers, it’s really a matter of personal preferences and goals, as this process involves both pros and cons.


Getting followers will get you recognition

If you buy followers, you’re most likely to increase your brand’s credibility and get your brand noticed amongst businesses

You’ll establish a good social media presence

If you’re linking your website to your social accounts, you can increase your audience’s trust if you buy followers as your visitors will notice a good followers base, which usually proves that a brand is well established in its niche.

Your content may be suitable for the followers you’re buying

When you buy a good number of followers, there’s a high chance that you’ll get many people that are interested in your brand among them. That way, you may get some converting clients even if your goal was to give an initial boost to your brand.

Followers attract even more followers

When people visit your profile and find a good followers base, they’re most likely to hit that follow button themselves. There’s what’s called FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out, which encourages people to join anything trendy as long as it has potential because they’re too afraid to miss the boat. That was the case the Bitcoin, and it is the case for followers.


Those clients aren’t really interested in your content

Let’s be honest here, if you buy followers, you won’t get people who are genuinely interested in your, so you won’t see a significant increase in engagement. In fact, getting followers that won’t like or comment on your posts can decrease your engagement rate and therefore your account’s value when it comes to branding and advertisement.

Privacy is a great concern

When you’re buying followers, you’re giving away some basic personal info, which may result in a blast of marketing messages and emails. To solve that, you need to buy your followers from a reputable website that wouldn’t leak your info for advertisers, like Gramblast.

If people find out…

If people find out that you’re buying followers, your brand may get a bad reputation.

Conclusion: Should you buy followers?

If you’re to listen to my advice, I’d say absolutely. When you start a journey towards Instagram fame, you won’t be able to get initial followers immediately, and that can demotivate you.

To bypass this problem, you can buy followers that will boost your brand’s presence, at least at the beginning. But when you do it, you need to find a reputable seller as getting mow quality followers will backfire and have negative results on your account.

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