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4 Reasons Why Athletes Prefer Garmin Over Other Smart Watches

It’s been years since the Garmin has been offering exceptional and high-quality devices to help you navigate on a daily basis. The product range is quite extensive plus these have been thoughtfully personalized to suit every type of requirement.

A Garmin GPS update is all that a Garmin device would ever need to function at its best. There has been quite a buzz about these amazing devices as they have managed to get past some tough competition from the mighty Apple and other similar players in the market.

There are many solid reasons which are making people take side with Garmin than to stick their stakes with other GPS enabled smartwatches. Let us have a closer look at what makes Garmin click, especially at the workout scene.

Open Platform

Garmin is an open platform which basically means there is a possibility of data sharing amongst different apps. (something Apple never allows)

Now let us see how this proves extremely beneficial in case of athletes.

Athletes are known to track their training sessions through a number of sensors and devices and share it further on different apps. It is required and helps them analyze their performance on different parameters (Since single app/platform can’t have it all)

Many athletes use Garmin devices to record their sessions and then further share them at relevant platforms to compare results.

On the contrary, smartwatches like Apple watch will never allow the data transport from their device to any third-party application. No wonder, it loses its sheen to those are practising hardcore fitness and are training regulars.

Vast experience

Garmin has been into manufacturing GPS enabled sporty watches for as long as we can possibly remember. Being one of the oldest players, they have mastered the art of improvising their techniques and most importantly, keep innovating them.

Though this is one of the best ways to survive especially if you are passionate about what you do, at the same time, it can backfire as well.

However, with Garmin, there just doesn’t seem to be any other way around. The consumer is super satisfied with what they are being offered, hence, no one is complaining here.

High on physical controls

 Since the touchscreens have been introduced, they have completely revolutionized the way we operate our electronic devices. The buttons have certainly become the thing of the past. However, there might be situations where you would want more of a physical control than just a touch.

Imagine a situation where you are training hard and with sweaty hands reach out to your watch. To your utter dismay, the touchscreen simply doesn’t work.

A place where other smartwatches lacked, Garmin pulled off a masterstroke. Garmin watches have more than 5 buttons, strategically placed where they are easy to locate especially when you need them quick. With so much physical control, sweaty hands are no more a problem.

Mammoth Battery Life

Those of you, who are into some sort of endurance training, require the kind of GPS watches that are massive on the battery life.

Unarguably this is a small market segment, yet there are hardcore professionals who sweat it out, day and night to compete in Ironman races. Most of the smartwatches available won’t be able to withstand this crucial test of time except of course the Garmin 920XT having Garmin GPS update. It is probably the only one amongst its league to stay past the race without dying out.

Clearly, with so many benefits to its credit, Garmin is a clear-cut winner in circles of fitness enthusiasts, trainers and hardcore athletes.

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