5 Top Tips to Keep Your Mobile Phone Safe

Here are some of the great tips to keep your mobile phone safe all the time.

5 Top Tips to Keep Your Mobile Phone Safe 1

1. Form Good Habits

This one covers multiple angles. First of all, if you want to make sure your phone isn’t going to get damaged in your bag, don’t leave it rattling around the bottom with other heavy or sharp objects. Secondly, it is worth getting into the habit of holding it correctly. A good “claw” grip will help prevent both your dropping it and reduce the likelihood of it getting stolen. Also, habits are good for memory. If you always do the same thing with your phone, then you will always know where it is. Try not to be too obvious, though! You don’t want to be an easy target for thieves either.

2. Lock Your Phone and Your Apps

Your phone is far less likely to go missing or be tampered with if nobody except you can access it. The best thing you can do is use a secure password, or touch code. Do not make your pin 1234 or make the touch code in the shape of a giant Z. Use something that only you will remember, better still if you have a modern phone you can secure it with a fingerprint scanner. Important apps can be locked individually for an extra layer of security, too.

3. Enable Remote Tracking

It can be easy to put your phone down and then forget about it. If you have left your phone somewhere and you have no idea where, then remote tracking can be the perfect tool for recovering it. This can be setup on both Android and iOS. It’s also a great way to find out where your phone has gone if someone else has stolen it. Although, in that case you may not be able to cover it in time. You may be better off claiming it through insurance. There are extra apps beyond the built-in devices that can assist with this, and it is possible to enable things like remote camera use, so you can get more information.

4. Get a Cover

We have all seen what happens to a mobile that has been dropped one time too many. If you are lucky, the screen will still work. If you are unlucky, then the device will have been rendered useless. By protecting it with some kind of a cover it is possible to make sure that dropping it will have little to no impact. Better yet, a lot of modern covers come with things like built-in batteries for a longer life-span.

5. Insure it

It is always worth investing in mobile insurance. The reality is that you can be as careful as you like, but something unexpected can always come up. The only way to be completely safe is to never use the phone, and that defeats the purpose of even having one. So, it is worth investing in insurance so that if all else fails, you can at least replace it with minimum hassle or expenditure. Check out Switched On Insurance to get a quote.

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