Your Best Affiliate Opportunity with Shopify and its Apps in 2018

With flourishing eCommerce business, there has been a significant rise in the online stores. People are constantly looking for convenient ways to set up an online store and some kind of service that offers a hassle-free experience. Shopify is one such popular platform that enables its users to build a personal ecommerce store fast and smooth, without any technical predicaments.

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What’s more, you can even save any overhead costs that goes in for hiring a professional to build an online shop for you! Shopify allows you to create a completely ready to use online store that’s advanced, attractive, easy to use and without any complications.

Functional since 2006, Shopify has managed to setup more than 1 million stores thus, helping entrepreneurs earn a handsome income through online business. Once your online store is launched you can register for the Shopify affiliate program to monetize your website and start earning revenue. It’s one of the affiliate programs around with some of the best commissions offered in the current times.

Additionally, it offers some of the highly useful tools and options that come along with the affiliate program that offers support when you need it. We specially love the affiliate tracking tool, LeadDyno that helps you keep track of your clicks, conversions, and commissions in real-time. We’ll know more about it in the second half. Let’s know more about the Shopify affiliate program.

Functioning of the Shopify Affiliate Program

As you sign up for the Shopify affiliate account, you will receive a unique affiliate link that will help you to promote their products and services across the internet (blogs and other websites), and the social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.

You earn commissions, whenever a reader clicks on the link and registers for Shopify. Given that Shopify offers one of the best affiliate commissions in the recent times, you have the potential to even make commissions upto 200% of the fee paid by the client. For just one referral each time, you can earn thousands of dollars in commission.

The payment method is also as per international standards, that is, via PayPal making it easier for all affiliates across the world to receive hassle-free payments. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is capped to $25.

The key to make more fortune in the long run is to build strong affiliation with other bloggers, influencers, and supporters.

How to Start Making Money with Shopify Affiliate Program

The affiliate system with Shopify is pretty simple and easy to access. There are three different methods by which you can make money with their affiliate program. The best part about this is that you don’t have to be a tech expert to make money in this program.

You simply need to promote the affiliate program using the links and the resources, and each time a client signs up for Shopify and setup an eCommerce store, you earn a percentage of the fee.

So, how do you make money via this affiliate program?

  • Earn upto 20 percent of the monthly profits for each customer referral.
  • Earn upto 70 percent of the monthly revenue for each template/theme sales that you successfully sell in the store.
  • Each mobile app you sell via the app store gets you upto 80%commission.

You can even earn a handsome income from the Shopify affiliate program even if you are a blogger. You must write articles and blogs that are informative, and offer valuable information regarding the program. You can write detailed reviews about the affiliate program, get ranked higher on the search engines, acquire more web traffic, and also grow the number of sign ups resulting in increased earnings for you. Moreover, you can also add up to your income by adding banners and affiliate links by Shopify.

As a publisher, all you need to do is to promote Shopify and make money. You can use various online mediums like emails, social media platforms, or any other internet marketing technique that you feel will get the desired number of sales. You can see your earnings shoot up with each client referral who signs up. Bonus, a powerful set of tools and resources by Shopify that guide you towards success.

The Shopify app store is a wonderful resource for merchants who are constantly looking to put in few functionalities in the store that can help boost the sales numbers. The app store offers an abundance of incredible apps that can give wings to your affiliate program and helps it zoom towards success.

Here’s a list of our favourite and strongest apps offered by Shopify app store to give your store that much needed boost.

One of the most popular loyalty and referral apps, is a well-established app in the Shopify app store used by more than 10, 000 merchants across the world. It is free of cost for upto 500 members. Customers can earn rewards in different forms with this tool for instance, in form of referral commissions or points for purchases.

Loyalty Lion

With a wealth of merchants supporting it, Loyalty Lion is another compelling loyalty program for Shopify. It offers almost all resources for operating a powerful and flexible loyalty program. Moreover, it also offers you plethora of methods to compensate your customers with some wonderful customization alternatives.

Referral Candy

If you are looking for a simple referral app with no additional loyalty features, Referral Candy is just perfect for you. It allows to keep a track of the clicks, conversions, and the earnings through a complete referrals dashboard. You also have the flexibility to customize your program on how you prefer to pay the referrers.


While this super affiliate tracking tool allows you to track activities and revenues in real-time via its mobile app and the dashboard, it stands out from others by offering an affiliate network of its own. The affiliates and influencers from the network can promote your product for you thereby, helping you make more money. All you need to do is to sign up with any of its plans and you get instant access to their wide affiliate network. This helps you get your affiliate program functioning in no time.


If you are new to affiliate marketing, this tool is just what you need. It’s an extremely easy to use app with restricted features, but at a much lower price.

So, if you want to fulfil your dreams of setting up an online store of your own, sign up for Shopify’s 14 days trial period and start earning revenue the day the trial period ends and you get upgraded. Just make sure that you seek assistance from one of the powerful apps like, an affiliate tracking tool and keep a constant check of your earnings and progress.

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