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How The Path Mobile App Has Revolutionized Internet Monitoring

There are many internet monitoring services available in the market, but the Path Network has revolutionized the process of internet monitoring, with transparent processes. Usually, it is carried out through data centers centrally located somewhere in the world but not anymore. With the Path network, internet monitoring is now being carried out through Blockchain technology.

How Does The Path Network Work?

In the path network, any end user with the Path Mobile app or the browser plugin becomes a node. When a client in the network requires some monitoring service to be performed, another user becomes a node, and they avail the service or services required to the client. This is the simple process through which the Path Network operates. Several such nodes together become part of a grid, wherein every single node works in tandem with other nodes to help clients harvest statistics.

The client requests the services through the path panel, and then the nodes are assigned the tasks. The tasks are assigned depending on the needs of the user, the location and how many nodes are available to take on the tasks. The concept is simple yet transformative – it uses excess bandwidth to contribute to the grid, thereby becoming a powerful tool for monitoring.

Path Mobile App

The Path mobile app runs on the Android platform and can be downloaded by users from anywhere in the world. For now, the app is not available on the iOS platform, but it might be available soon. The app is lightweight, meaning it imposes on the use of neither business bandwidth nor storage. The app is not just a lightweight app with limited functions, but a versatile and powerful application that is redefining the way the web is analyzed.

The app has an easy to use interface. The app can be set to run in the background so that nodes can earn Path tokens throughout as they desire. The convenient feature of working in the background offers greater flexibility to the application. Signing in the app also allows the client to easily view desired statistics, offering greater visibility. Such an easy to use yet powerful app makes the Path network very reliable and useful for all stakeholders.

Benefits of using The Path Mobile App

Earn Path Tokens– whenever a node performs a task as required and submits the required information to the client they earn Path tokens. The number of tokens earned depends on the kind of task performed. The tokens are awarded after 250,000 tasks have been performed to ensure that the nodes’ profits are not reduced with the regular transactions. Nodes that act as mining nodes will earn rewards after accrual/completion of the minimum number of tasks. Value hinges on the nature of the tasks.


With the Path network, the app puts both the client and the node in control of what is happening. They are both aware of all that is going on, and therefore they have confidence in the process. This visibility of processes makes it a lot more transparent and reassuring to all stakeholders. This is a refreshing change from traditional data centers that are surrounded by strict controls, which prevent stakeholders from verifying the information/processes.

The app doesn’t invade on personal privacy or mine business or client data. Performance of the app is limited to only allowing a business to become a node or a client, thereby earning tokens or getting the required statistics. This function ensures that the app does not infringe on the rights of users while offering them the options of collecting tokens.

Full Control–

The client and the node also have full control of the app. The app can be disabled when not in need of use and the nodes can choose what tasks to perform. The luxury of choice extended to nodes ensures that control is not ceded to the apps or the functions at any point in time. Accepting tasks and discontinuing is entirely left to the discretion of stakeholders, which puts them in full control.

The path app has decentralized the internet monitoring services. It offers a lot of flexibility for the clients and increases the coverage since clients from all over the world can be able to get the service. With this app, things are looking up, and internet monitoring is now easy and readily affordable to all. Blockchain – the buzzword that is redefining many processes is the ideal technology for collaborative monitoring, in a transparent and versatile manner. The visibility and transparency extended by blockchain to monitoring give users the advantage of gaining credible insights into the functioning of the internet with hard statistics compiled by a grid of nodes.

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