15 Cool Facts about Google 1

15 Cool Facts about Google

Whenever a person thinks of internet it always reminds him or her of Google. As Google has now become an representator of internet. I don’t think that no one will have objection with the statement that “Google is a internet leader today”.

Google’s facts are very interesting and i would like to share some of them with you:

1. Where does Google gets it’s name from ?

Well Google is a misspelled word of actual word “Googol” , which means number 1 followed by hundred zeros’s. The founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin choose this name to represent company’s vision of “organizing very large number of webpages so that they can be quickly searched for”.

2. Yahoo refused to buy Google in 1997 for about 1 million dollars

Yes, it’s true but cool thing is that today Google’s total worth is 200 Billion dollars while Yahoo is worth 20 Billion dollars only.

Google taught Yahoo pretty good lesson, that “Early investment in good things gives very very very good returns” .

 3. Google’s previous suggested name was “What Box”

Page and Brin, creators of Google thought of this search engine as “What Box”, wasn’t this name also exciting but they thought the name resembles “Wet Box” it resembles something kind of porn so the idea was rejected.

4.How Larry Page and Sergey Brin met ?

They both met at Standford University in 1995 when Sergey(21) was assigned to show Larry(22) the school in which they studied. They both started Google as private company on September 4,1998 and offered public offering on August 19, 2004 means they started selling their shares at this time.

5. How many searches are made on Google each day ?

Google handles over 1 billion search requests every day which is done by over 1 million computers spreaded throughout the world.

6. Who was the first employee at Google ?

Craig Silverstein, graduate from Standford University was the first employee at Google who was hired in September 1998. He currently is Director of Technology at Google.

7. A Google employee is named as “Googler” while a new team member is called a “Noogler

8.How does Google earn money ?

It earns most of money from Advertising (around 99%). Google can track any person’s online behavior such as what search terms have been used,which ads have been clicked, what sites a browser has visited and inform these information to advertisers.

9. Google has been acquiring other companies at rate more than 1 company every week since 2010.

Some of the companies that Google has acquired in recent time are Youtube, Orkut and many more.

10.The domain name google.com was registered on September 15th 1997 and  today this domain name is worth billion dollars.

11. Google’s logo in their website was not centered until 2001, earlier it was at top left of the page.

15 Cool Facts about Google 2

12. Google’s first ever tweet on Twitter was “I’m feeling lucky” which was in binary language in February 2009.

13.  You might have used Google Earth till now but now Google Mars is also available through which you can see map of Mars. Have a look at at it yourself

click here.

14.Google first started it’s business in a rented garage

What a decent start this huge company had, it’s truly said “A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step” as did Google.

15.Google employees are given free 3 times meal, free laundary, free gym, free hair cuts and many more perks are given to them.

It is named “One of the best company to work for”. But the selection process of Google is very tough and they select the best in every field they recruit for.

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