20 Cool Facts about Apple Inc. that most people don’t know 1

20 Cool Facts about Apple Inc. that most people don’t know

Who haven’t heard of big company Apple, many uses their excellent products such as iPhone or iPad and some always wishes to use their product as for them Apple products are very expensive to buy( I’m also one of them). Every person wants to use their products as they are brilliant and phenomenal , it looks as if they have made their products to perfection but still nothing is perfect they still have some pros and cons in their products. But I think that every person should experience their products and get the feel of awesomeness in them(I have also experienced it, really some features in their product are unmatched such as Siri ).

Well this brilliant company has many interesting facts that I would like to share with you, some of the coolest facts about Apple are as follows:

1. When was Apple started ?

Apple was founded on April Fool’s Day 1976 as a partnership between three people namely Steven Gary Wozniak , Steven Paul Jobs, and Ronald Gerald Wayne. Later Ronald Gerald Wayne sold his shares for $800(very unlucky decision).

20 Cool Facts about Apple Inc. that most people don’t know 2

Apple reveals it’s new PC in early times

2. Sacrifices Jobs and Wozniak made to develop Apple

It was not a cake walk for Jobs and Wozniak to build this company they had made many sacrifices such as Steve Jobs sold his Volswagen van and Steve Wozniak sold his HP scientific calculator for $500, to raise the capital for their company. Really big sacrifices for their company but it paid off very well later.

3.Why Apple has apple fruit logo with a bite taken away ?

First the name Apple was chosen for company as Issac Newton had been stimulated with amazing idea about gravity when a apple fell onto his head, therefore Apple represent the symbol of innovation.

Apple Logo that is apple has a bite taken away from it as without it they thought it would look like a cherry tomato, so it will be hard to distinguish between them.

Earlier Apple had other logo such as:images (2)

4. Changes that took place in name of the company

For first 30 years,Apple was called Apple Computer, Inc. When they started expanding their product ranges beyond computers then they changed company’s name to Apple Inc on 9th January, 2007.

5. How was the first computer made by Apple ?

Apple’s first computer, the Apple 1 launched in 1976 did not included a keyboard, monitor or case but it was actually an assembled circuit board means you got only a motherboard and assembling needs to be done by consumer.

6. Most of the Apple’s revenue comes from the products that it has invented in 10 years such as iPods, iPhones, iPads and iTunes. Almost half of its annual revenue arount 30 billion comes from products invented 4 years ago. Cool their devices will take very long to get obsolete , ya I think everyone agrees with that.

7. How much Apple earns from iTunes ,online music and videos and App store?

Well they go the sales of arount $4 billion in 2010 and has been increasing since then. This revenue is over 1$ billion more than World’s largest music company i.e Warner Music Group. Apple is reputed not only in it’s devices but also in the software and services that it provides inside the device.

8. What’s the growth rate of Apple ?

In 1983, Apple was place 411 in Fortune 500 companies in only 5 years, which makes it the fastest growing company in history. However now it’s growth rate is reduced due to the arrival of it’s topmost rival that is, you guessed it right Android.

9.What’s Machintosh ?

Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of this word but still if you don’t know,

the PC series of Apple is Machintosh , it is a cultivator of Apple , MacIntosh.

10. iPhone vs iMac, Which do you think is more liked by people ?

You guessed it right it’s iPhone. All the Apple’s Handheld devices such as iPhone, iPad or iWatch are sold twice as much as Apple’s computer which means that revenue earned from iPhone or iPad are double than that of Apple Computers.

11. In 2010, Apple annual sales was $65.23 billion. It’s very high as if Apple was a country then it would be ranked word’s 68th biggest country

12. Apple did better than Microsoft in Product Sales

Microsoft spent $8.7 billion on Research and Development in 2009, Apple spent only $1.7 billion. Apple also spent $5.5 billion on sales, marketing , and general and administrative expenses in 2009 and Microsoft spend $17 billion  on same things.

Result: Microsoft had less sales and less growth than Apple

Really in this area Apple has beaten Microsoft very badly

13. Who was the first company to hit $1 billion annual sales ?

Yes you guessed it right it was Apple and they did this in December 1982. Apple joined billionars club very quickly.

14. Who designed iMac, the iPod, and the iPhone ?

These are these best products of Apple Inc. and it was designed by Landowner Jonathan, you might have seen him in most of the Apple videos.

15. Was Apple’s recognition had always been like this ?

No, at onetime in Japan in early 1980s Apple products used to be delivered through refrigerated trucks as workers thought that boxes contained perishable(one that doen’t last long) apples.

Pretty funny story 🙂

16. Where is Apple’s largest and smallest Retail Store ?

Largest Apple’s retail store is  in Regent Street in London, boasting 25,000 square feet  while smallest is in Santa Rosa Plaza in California where it’s only 540 square feet.

17. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985

I think this is pretty inspiring story, Job was forced to leave Apple as he was voted out by Board of Directors of Apple. He started a new company NeXt, in that same year. In 1996, Apple bought NeXt and Steve Jobs was brought back to Apple once again. NeXt was a Software company and many of Mac OS X operating system is built under NeXt technology.

18. How Apple performed without Steve Jobs?

When Apple was without Steve Jobs then it struggled to survive falling market shares and inefficient leardership which lead to Apple being named worst run company of 1996 by investment gaint CalPERS (California Public Employees Retirement System).

19. Steve Jobs was a college dropout

20 Cool Facts about Apple Inc. that most people don’t know 3


Yes, strange but true most of the IT Billionaires in the world are college dropouts. He attended Reed College in 1972, after attending only one semester.(Warning: Don’t be inspired to dropout of your college but always chase your dreams with intense passion,that’s my opinion)

20. Macbook Air Platinum is the most expensive Mac  Laptop ever made priced $48,616. It’s body enclosure is made from solid Platinum.

Only 5 units of this laptop were made.

So that completes our some coolest facts about Apple, I hope you liked it .

Seen you soon till then keep visiting.

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