Why do you need to arm yourself with Panasonic CF-MX4

Panasonic’s CF-MX4 is a laptop in one of its exclusive range of devices. The impressive thing about this device is the fact that the display can be rotated 360 degrees and the whole device can be converted into a tab with multi-touch for up to 10 fingers at a time.

The chief product designers at Panasonic, after a lot of thought, have come up with a design suitable for both the daily and the ardent traveller and have been focused around the lifestyle of individuals such as market researchers, sales executives, creative professionals and corporate executives.

What make this device truly unique are features such as;

  • It has a 12.5 inch full HD IPS display with a resolution of 1920x 1080 which produces impeccable picture and video detail and produces flawless images. What adds to the magnificence of this device is the fact that the screen is a multi-touch capacity display.
  • The device comes pre-loaded with Windows 10 Pro which assures the inclusion of essential software packages, such as MS Office, which aren’t present in lower OS system version such as Windows 10 Home. Additionally, the OS can be downgraded to Windows 7 Pro, on special request, for ease of use.
  • The processor chip used to run the device is Intel’s Core i5-5300U vPro which has the ability to run at speeds of 2.9 GHz, it can further be turbo boosted to speeds of 3.5 GHz.
  • The design of the device has been crafted keeping in mind mobility needs and hence it weighs a mere 1.14kg and is only 21mm thick.
  • The device comes with a stylus attached to its side for quick hand-written notes.
  • Additionally, the device’s protection has been given much thought and, consequently, the whole body has been crafted with magnesium alloy.
  • Furthermore, Panasonic allegedly claims that the device has a battery life of up to 13 hours depending upon the level of brightness and system settings.
  • The sides of the device contain different ports such as VGA, LAN, 2 USB 3.0 ports, an SD-XC port, HDMI, and a smart card reader.
  • Impressively enough, the device also has voice calling abilities with the inclusion of 4G LTE as an added option.
  • The device also comes with 3 years of standard warranty. However, the shock and pressure resistance features aren’t covered under the warranty conditions.

Hot-swap battery for uninterrupted usage

The Panasonic CF-MX4 has successfully claimed the tag of being a device which can be used for quite an enormous period of time. Designers have intricately designed it in a way so that the electronics don’t get affected due to battery short-circuits and voltage fluctuations. The battery itself, on top of that, is enough to keep the device running for a full 13 hours depending upon system settings and brightness levels and, at the end of its life cycle, can be detached and replaced with a new battery unit making it, truly, an everlasting device.

Extreme durability

The astonishing thing about the Panasonic CF-MX4 is the fact that even though it is a high-performance device, it is extremely slim and lightweight being only 21mms thick and weighing in at a mere 1.14kgs. The whole body is crafted with magnesium alloy for added protection and four extra shock absorbent pads have been included for minimizing vibrations and damaging the internal electronics.

These features guarantee its 76cms fall test rating along with the ability to absorb vibrations of up to 100-kgf. Additionally, the keyboard has been designed in such a way that accidental spillage of certain liquids can be drained using drain channels built into it and hence, the keyboard has the ability to drain up to 200ml of certain liquids. Apart from that, the 360-degree hinge design of the screen assures minimal damage possibilities to the display when users convert the laptop into a tablet by rotating the screen.

Impressive internal specifications

Panasonic’s whole range of Toughbook series assures complete satisfaction of use to its users and consequently has bundled up state of the art components as its internal hardware for its range of products. The CF-MX4, especially, is the vanguard of the whole Business Ruggedized Toughbook series of Panasonic and hence, it too, comes with some impressive specifications, as mentioned above, such as its incredibly fast 2.9 gigs of processor speed, which can b additionally turbo boosted up to 3.5 gigs thanks to Intel’s 5th generation of i5 processors.

Apart from that, it comes with a 4 GB DDR3 ram which is must faster than its conventional DDR2 counterpart. The device, however, doesn’t have an internal hard disk and instead, for storage space, uses a 256 GB solid state drive which is quite a turn off for users who prefer storing their files and media offline instead of having to stream media and access files online. The solid state drive does have an advantage though since it is much faster than a conventional internal hard disk.

Multiple interfaces and connectivity options

The Panasonic CF-MX4 Toughbook has proven to be a perfect craft for business executives, other professionals and individuals always on the go and hence, it comes with every imaginable software package required by such individuals from different walks of life.

Apart from the software packages, its hardware, too, proves to be very useful in daily connectivity of the device to other electronic devices and networks such as smartphones, other laptops and PCs, smart TVs, digital SLRs, the internet, and private home group networks. The components, included, facilitating such type of different means and modes of connectivity are innumerous with inclusions such as a smart card reader, a LAN ethernet cable port, a VGA cable port, an SD card slot, an HDMI port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, an optical smart card reader. Apart from all these, the device also has wireless connectivity options with the help of facilities such as version 4.0 Bluetooth, 4G LTE connectivity and LAN a/b/g/n/ac connectivity with speeds of up to 866.7 Mbps. Last but certainly not the least, the device also contains a 2-megapixel webcam along with a microphone built on to the main display screen of the device.

The CF-MX4 serves as one of the best multitasking and multiple usage devices in the market and is a perfect match for passionate travellers as well as those who travel out of occupational or necessity of other forms.

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